10 business plan examples for your future business

10 business plan examples for your future business

Although there is no sure way to choose the best business to start with, and the top companies can change depending on where you are located, economists and trend watchers say that some companies are more likely to be in demand than others, it doesn’t matter. where you are located. You have yet to do your own research, but the businesses listed are all in areas that are likely to be trending up for the foreseeable future. So here in this article, I will discuss with details about 10 business plan examples.

If you want to start your business, it is worth taking a look at these 10 business plan examples. These are activities aimed at the general public, most of them in commerce and services. From a hairdresser to a travel agency, discover the questions you have to ask yourself before starting your project, thanks to a good business plan.

Note: these examples are taken from the summary page on the Kerfant Financial Consulting business plan, with your agreement.

You can use any business plan below as an example of how to create a company since they include all the most important strategic aspects to undertake. If what you are looking for is a step-by-step help to have your business, I invite you to read our guide to setting up a business, which will advise you on each of the most important aspects of the process.

1º- Set up a hairdresser

Did you know that there are some 85,000 hairdressers in Spain, with an annual turnover of 3,500 million euros? Women are the ones who spend the most every time they are going to get a new hairstyle, although the billing that is done with the male public should not be neglected.

2º- Open a restaurant

Having a restaurant is the dream of many, as long as it does not become a nightmare in the kitchen, so famous by the television show. After a few years of falling sales, the sector has recovered. We are talking about a sector with more than 73,000 establishments and an annual turnover of more than 16,000 million. Enough to find a profitable positioning.

3rd- Wedding Planner

It is a much less widespread activity, but it can be interesting as a market niche. Weddings move a lot of money, and an example of a business plan geared towards the organization of this type of event can be extrapolated to the entire sector of preparing parties, conferences, fairs, and other events by individuals or companies.

4th- Set up a bar

Despite the crisis, the anti-smoking law and the rise in rates and taxes on alcoholic beverages, Spain continues to be a country of bars. As for many other activities, sales had fallen markedly, and many establishments permanently lowered the blind. But for a few years, business opportunities have returned, those that never disappeared for original concepts.

5º- Create an online store

More specifically, the example of how to create a company proposed by cofike.com is the case of an online shoe store. As in other cases, the business plan can be the opportunity to generalize from this case to any type of online business, since many of the problems are very similar. Electronic commerce is one of the few sectors that has not stopped growing in recent years.

6º- Open a travel agency

Precisely, the boom in electronic sales has severely hit some traditional sectors, such as travel agencies. Many people buy their tickets and hotel nights directly over the Internet. This situation has forced traditional agencies to reinvent themselves. The article insists on the need for a strategy of differentiation and greater added value for the client.

7º- Create a private medical clinic

Some time ago, reviewing the sectors that had grown the most in the last two years in Spain, we highlighted the good performance of the billing of private health insurance and private clinics. The growth has not been spectacular, but in the face of the widespread debacle in other sectors, it is worth mentioning. This example of a business plan details the project of a specialized consultation on childhood obesity, a social problem, and a growing trend.

8º- Set up a nursery

Speaking of children, it should be noted that the arrival of the Baby Boom generation of childbearing age and the phenomenon of immigration in recent years before the crisis significantly increased the demand for childcare in Spain. Later this trend has been reversed, but there are still poorly covered areas or cities whose population growth requires a response at the level of childcare.

9th- Open a hotel

Tourism is one of the strengths that never fails for the Spanish economy. The sun continues to attract foreign visitors, which allows the sector not to depend too much on domestic demand. The consequence is that when the European economy behaves well, the hotel business works. In fact, we have seen that in recent years, hotels had strong sales growth.

10º- Mount an optic

Health is a sector where demand does not stop growing. Another thing is that economic difficulties temporarily reduce private demand or public budgets. But there are some background trends favorable to the optical businesses, especially with the aging of the population and the greater exposure to screens (smartphones, tablets, computers, television).

If you were thinking of opening any of those businesses, I hope that these examples of a plan to create a company will allow you to clarify certain doubts and reflect on the most relevant aspects of your project. And if your business idea is completely different, it never hurts to read these articles that will surely give you ideas to correctly raise your own feasibility report.


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