10 innovative and profitable business ideas

10 innovative and profitable business ideas

Here in this article, I will discuss, 10 innovative and profitable business ideas that really make a difference in our life. 

1. Smart mattresses

The question is simple. Normally in every couple, there is always the one who is more chilly than the other. And like every year, when the cool of autumn begins to arrive, the tug of war begins to remove the duvet from its cover and inaugurate the winter season. The thing ends more or less like this: you decide to put the duvet but one sleeps underneath and the other on top. The good news is that perhaps this year the same will not happen to us again. And is that like everything in this recently inaugurated era of artificial intelligence, mattresses have also evolved?

Luna Sleep has designed a mattress cover that allows you to regulate the temperature of the mattress. A temperature that can be different in each area of ​​the mattress. In addition, this cover has sensors that measure the quality of sleep and wake you up when you are less sound asleep so as not to disturb you. All this is controlled through an app on the mobile; it could not be otherwise. So 10 innovative and profitable business ideas.

2. Rental of machinery between companies

The sharing economy is encompassing everything. No matter what it is, the goal is to put it to use. And of course, if we don’t use it, surely others will. That’s what Equipment Share thought, a platform that connects companies. On the one hand, there are those that have machinery and tools, but that have them stopped most of the time. And then there are those who want to rent, companies that do not want to make an investment for a machine that they will only use a few days a year and that, therefore, choose to rent. Everyone wins!

The Equipment Share platform is in charge of certifying that the machinery that is rented is in good condition, ready to produce, and they are also in charge of managing shipments. 10 innovative and profitable business ideas

10 innovative and profitable business ideas
10 innovative and profitable business ideas

3. Electric bikes at home

In cities, bicycles are an increasingly used means of transport. In fact, according to the Eco Counter World Cycling Index, Spain registers the highest annual increase in the number of bicycle trips on the planet, over 8%. And it is that this method of transport has enormous advantages: it does not suffer traffic jams, it is significantly cheaper and much healthier. Why spend a fortune and precious time in the gym, when we can pedal to work and take advantage of commute time. All are advantages!

Riide has realized the tremendous success of public bicycle rental services which, on the other hand, have many areas to improve. And it has been launched on the market giving added value.

The company, which has started its business model with great success in Washington, not only rents the bikes but also offers theft insurance, charger and lock, and unlimited maintenance service. All this for $ 79, a price lower than the cost of transport passes in the city. In addition, their bikes are 40% lighter than the lightest on the market.

4. Doctors at home

This business model has transferred the idea of ​​Uber and Airbnb to the medical sector. The reality is that if you have a medical emergency (it does not have to be life or death, a simple cold can cost you vacations) outside your country the cost of the bill will cost you something like three and a half kidneys.

The Italian startup Medinaction has English-speaking doctors who come to your home (the hotel, the apartment, or the house you have rented) in less than an hour. At the moment, they are present in Florence, Rome, and Santiago de Chile. And only for general medical conditions. If you need an ambulance or an emergency operation, you should go to the hospital as usual.

5. School to teach how to be adults

The idea of ​​becoming an adult is quite a trauma, but perhaps all we need is outside help. This is what the creators of The Adulting School thought. A school that flees from traditionalisms. For this, it has chosen to organize the events in bars, restaurants, and public places in the city (they operate in Maine). And teach people things that range from financial planning to meditation and laundry.

It is about learning but also about enjoying, meeting new people, enjoying a good beer, and tasting local dishes in good company. And for now, it is a success in the city.

6. Biodegradable packaging

Innovations in the green field are becoming more and more important. And it is that the environment is something that affects us all and, let’s not forget, it makes money. With the ecological conscience awakened in the majority of the population, it is impressive the amount of money we can get if we can bring to market a business idea that advocates a less polluted world.

And that is what the Monosol company has done. They have developed a biodegradable packaging that disintegrates in contact with water. The applications are endless, from personal hygiene products like shampoos to fast-food wrappers.

7. Stylists at home

Home services are also in fashion. For consumers, time is a fundamental asset, we always have a thousand things to do and we are delaying our own needs due to lack of time. Many of us already consider that going to a hairdresser is a luxury and, of course, we do not say it for the money, but for all the time lost.

Glamsquad had a great idea and offers in-home stylists for those who have no problem paying for services (services from $ 50) but also have no time to enjoy them. In this company, you book an appointment and a stylist goes to your home or office with all the necessary tools and products. You can do your nails, cut your hair, do your hair, and put on makeup.

8. Free food with a dose of marketing

Yes, we all like free stuff. In fact, merchandising is nothing new at this point. We are all tired of product samples that do not interest us. So why don’t we take advantage of the “free” concept but use it in favor of the client?

This is what Lunchspread, a company that operates in Manhattan, has done. This company helps new restaurants build their customer network by offering free samples to workers in local businesses, taking into account the tastes of each.

It involves organizing in groups within each office and filling out a survey on the Lunchspread website so that the company knows what they want to eat. Based on tastes, they find a matching restaurant and make an appointment to deliver their food. Delivery comes with discount coupons and a card with details about the restaurant. Thus, consumers can have more information on who made their food and where to enjoy it again, if they liked it.


9. Design your own tea

Personalization is in fashion. So why settle for the blends that common tea shops make. We can design our own tea! Design A Tea offers consumers the ability to design their own tea blend from scratch.

It is an online business where customers can choose from more than 40 flavors that can be mixed and matched to create a new variety of tea that will be unique. First, buyers choose a base flavor (black, oolong, green, or rooibos). And then they can mix it up with two other ingredients. In total there are more than 10,000 combinations. All 100% natural, organic, and gluten-free.

Additionally, Design A Tea follows socially responsible practices, including the use of recycled paper products, eco-friendly labels, and inks.

10. Agricultural business management

Innovation reaches all fields, we have no doubt about that. BrioAgro Technologies is a technology created for the farmer to control his farm. The device collects all sensitive information and sends it to the cloud, and the farmer, through his device, connects to the cloud to access the information on his greenhouse. Everything is collected in real-time, allowing you to control any change in your variables.

It is 24-hour monitoring. And thanks to this, the farmer receives information in real-time on how he can improve his crops and integrate with agricultural irrigation systems.

its sweat-proof quality helps you to stay dry and comfortable.

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