AmazonBasics: This is the range of cheap Amazon products

AmazonBasics: This is the range of cheap Amazon products

Amazon has its own range of products that you will surely have seen at some point if you use the online shopping giant. What is it? An own brand with “basic” products for the day to day and that we find at a low price. Beyond your own smart speakers or your Fire TV, Amazon Basics is a brand that you will find with its own section in the store and we explain what it is, what there is, or why these products differ. So in this article, I will discuss AmazonBasics this is the range of cheap Amazon products

What is it?

AmazonBasics is the range of items from the shopping giant that offers at a low price and in order to satisfy any need: cables, batteries, adapters. It defines itself as: “AmazonBasics offers everyday items like HDMI cables and batteries to outfit your electronics, as well as household items like sheets and knife sets, all at an affordable price.”

What’s up?

Amazon Basics has all kinds of different products but generally they are household products, kitchen, electronics, accessories … You can find many different products such as a suitcase to go on a trip but also some own brand weights, some pans or a study chair. There are towels, there are dog beds or there are cables and chargers if you are looking for USB adapters or a Bluetooth speaker.

The categories are:


Headphones of all kinds, audio cables and Bluetooth speakers of all possible sizes and shapes. Portable Bluetooth speakers to carry in your backpack, waterproof portable speakers … And all kinds of cables : speaker cable, extension cable, stereo audio cable, optical audio cable …


Amazon does not have its own camera in Basics (for now) but it does have all kinds of accessories to transport them. We find a large collection of bags and backpacks for cameras, tripods, mounts and accessories of the GoPro type, wireless triggers, cables, monopods or cleaning kits . It is probably not the most recommended option if you are looking for a high quality or professional tripod but they are affordable accessories for photographers.


As its name suggests, in this category we find all types of batteries : alkaline in several different packages, rechargeable, chargers. There are AA, AAA, D, C batteries. Several different ranges and all the models that we may need on a daily basis and that it is always convenient to have at home for controls, appliances, toys.


From monitor stands and organizers for writers and shredders to mechanical pencils, scissors or highlighters. Pencils, folders, staplers, shredders, mats … All the office accessories that we normally have near us when we are working are in the Amazon Basics category.


It is one of the strengths of the Basics range and there are practically any cables you might need or adapters that you can get fast at home. To connect your mobile, to connect to the Internet, a cheap HDMI cable for the TV, a scart, Displayport cables, audio extension cables, network cables, USB cables, microUSB to Lightning or miniUSB or USB adapter … It is one of the ranges more extensive and popular.


AmazonBasics has, as its name suggests, very basic things like knives or cleaning cloths. But it also has its own range of small appliances such as an electric kettle or a toaster that is perfectly identical to the classic brands of household appliances. It also has its own yogurt maker, blender, or vacuum within this cookware section.

Computer accessories

A wireless mouse for about 13 euros, a compact briefcase for 15 euros or laptop holders, camera bags or covers in several different colors. You can find all kinds of backpacks or cases to carry laptops , adjustable music stands, mats or hard disk cases. One of the characteristics of “basics” that you see in this section is that there are hardly any designs to choose from, but they are items in black, gray or some solid colors and that simply seek to fulfill their function without any intention of being pretty flashy or different.

Video Game Accessories

A good category to consider is video game accessories . At its best, divided into four: for Nintendo, for PlayStation, for Xbox and for computer. There are cases to carry your Nintendo Switch as well as handles for Joy-Con, chargers, all kinds of backpacks and supports. The same happens for the rest of the consoles: charging cables, headphones, covers, chargers, mouse pads….

Light bulbs

If you are looking for LED bulbs , the Basics catalog has all sizes and shapes. Balloon style, filament, warm light… Just take a look at this section in the catalog and you will find many different options. For example, two spherical E27 filament led bulbs with 7W with a price of about 15 euros. Or six basic 2W E15 LED bulbs for 17.47 euros with energy efficiency A.


Home, bathroom or sports are some of the sections that complete the range and that allow us to find sheets or towels in basic colors , without too many options to choose from but with different sizes and formats. Also suitcases and luggage accessories are one of the classics on Amazon. Especially its luggage organizers for suitcases that the brand sells in all the available colors and in several different sizes to separate the different garments. In addition, there is an order or storage section in which we find: kitchen shelves, storage shelves, storage cubes, cabinets, shoe racks of all kinds, coat racks or hangers but also tuppers of different sizes.


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