Best Cloud Design Tools

Best Cloud Design Tools in 2021

If you are an entrepreneur, today it is much easier to manage the corporate image of your products or services yourself because it is not an essential requirement to have a graphic designer next to you who directs the identity of your brand or gives it a professional appearance. So I am going to Best Cloud Design Tools. Let us remember that with the rise of the Internet, thousands of pages, programs, or easy-to-use cloud editors have been made available, without the need for programming or design knowledge, which allows us to create from small animated gifs to web pages.

These tools, hosted in the cloud, allow us to host information and use the resources of their servers without spending the space of your computer or worrying about your data. Being this one of the safest places in the world, thousands of companies have opted for the cloud to base their programs, software, or specialized pages in Design and programming on it so that users of small and medium-sized companies around the world can access and create logos, images, posts, infographics, web pages, phrases or visual material that helps to improve the visibility of your brand and its engagement.

That is why some tools that have a free and paid version will be presented below that could become an option when you want to diversify your range of action a little more when designing. Although, for the most part, you can work on them comfortably with the virtual tools that each of them offers in its free version.

Best Cloud Design Tools


It is one of the online programs with more tools and resources when it comes to designing, it has 30,000 professional design graphic templates, 60 design formats for web and print, 32,000 animated or gif objects, facilities to remove the background from images, add musical curtains, frames, speech bubbles, texts, filters, and to complete your content in minutes you can choose to adapt the images to the format you need with just a few clicks, create transparencies and layers, blur elements to highlight the text and images, crop and finally, choose a background from its 180,000 high-resolution photo options.

And not only this, but its interface is very intuitive and easy to understand, designed for the use of anyone with or without knowledge in the area of ​​design. Its catalog of templates allows you to easily find the type of design you are looking for just by entering a few words in the search engine. Although its only detail is that you can only download 10 images created in this tool for free.

  1. Canva

The tool very similar to Crello, where you can create graphics, edit photos, and create formats for printing, its resources are a little more limited, but it consists of millions of illustrations, vectors, filters for photos, free icons and shapes, hundreds of fonts, professional templates and a drag-and-drop interface for creating layouts.

This application consists of its online version and a version of the Application for Mobile Devices that facilitates the development of quick designs from any device with the Internet. It allows the development of logos, posters, business cards, flyers, curriculum vitae, infographics, ebooks and blogs, banners, documents, storyboards, brochures, calendars, social media covers, thumbnails, Snapchat geofilters and generate memes. Although some of its tools are only editable from the computer.

  1. Desygner:

Used by more than 12 million people in the world, it is considered an exclusive graphic design tool in the cloud for those who do not have knowledge in the area of ​​design, allowing them to create content and fast images in a professional way, managing to drag and drop the elements at the artboard to change images, fonts, colors and text, work with layers, effects and multi-page files by choosing resources from its extensive royalty-free library, with millions of free images, thousands of icons, and hundreds of fonts and pre-made banners.
Desygner has the advantage of connecting with new communication technologies, allowing you to share your creations on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, resizing what you designed in the different formats for post or story. And not only this, but you can manage your entire brand with your work team, creating, editing and distributing the elaborated content. Revolutionizing more than 15,000 companies in the world, by allowing managers, contractors, agents or even clients to design together in their own language, by presenting them with a locked template that controls the change of certain elements.

Design software for cloud professionals Best Cloud Design Tools 

  1. Figma

It is a collaborative design tool in the cloud, which allows you to invite the people you want to take part in the design process; designers, project managers, product managers, engineers, and other contributors who can contribute ideas, visualize prototypes, and edit. And not only this, but it allows communication between team members through conversations, notifications, or answering questions. And when you see that the topic is finished you can mark it as “complete” to close the cycle.
It is an interface that allows constant communication between members, therefore, the comments of the working group can be located directly in the design or prototype to better understand what you want to improve or change.


If what you need is to improve the images of your publications, the best tool in the cloud is PicMonkey, which has easily accessible resources to edit photos, retouch, use customizable templates and choose from more than 9000 graphics and icons that will help transmit your message in a clearer way. Thanks to this tool, adjusting colors, applying effects, changing the look of the camera, adjusting lighting, removing backgrounds, and retouching images have never been easier.

And not only this, but we can also create our own logo, improve YouTube thumbnails, create ads and Marketing campaigns all within the reach of one click, thanks to its computer and Mobile version. Hope you understand these Best Cloud Design Tools.


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