Computer features

Computer features

Computer features

Computer features Hello buddies, Today we can research in element approximately what are the traits of laptop and what are the restrictions of laptop.So, with out dropping time, let`s first realize what are the Features of Computer

1. High Speed

Computer can do Millions of Calculations in a remember of time, for which a easy man or woman takes a whole lot of time to do the paintings, a laptop can try this paintings thoroughly in a totally brief time.

2. Accuracy

The calculation finished via way of means of the laptop is 100% accurate and the mistake is negligible.The laptop works with 100% accuracy if the person enter is accurate.

3. Storage Capability

Computer can shop a big quantity of statistics, that is the most important characteristic of a laptop.Inside the laptop, we will shop many forms of statistics which includes images, videos, text, audio, files, etc.

4. Diligence

The laptop can paintings constantly with out stopping, with out tiredness, and with none mistakess and boredom.Computers can carry out one or extra responsibilities constantly with exquisite accuracy and equal speed.

5. Versatility

Computer is a system whose are utilized in diverse regions to clear up a extensive variety of problems.Somewhere it’s miles utilized in Calculation and Somewhere it’s miles used for gambling games.

6. Reliability

Computers are dependable machines because of their big garage ability and accuracy.
Computers are designed to make ordinary responsibilities easier.

Computer features
Computer features

7. Automation

A laptop is an automated system. a laptop plays all its capabilities automatically. This manner as soon as the laptop begins offevolved a task, it does the paintings with none human intervention.

8. Reduction in Paperwork and Cost

In large companies, computer systems are used to lessen paperwork. There are many such works, that may price extra through the years if paintings is finished via way of means of the workers, however money

Despite these types of features, there are a few barriers of computer systems. Let`s realize approximately those barriers of computer systems.

1. No Intelligence

Computer is a system that can not take any choice on its personal, because of which if we ought to do any paintings with the assist of laptop, then we’ve got to inform the laptop all of the matters step via way of means of step.

2. Dependency

computer is depending on people due to the fact if we ought to do any paintings with the assist of laptop, then it must be defined step via way of means of step. Also, despite the fact that there’s no energy withinside the laptop, the laptop can not paintings, on this manner, it relies upon on energy to paintings.

3. No feeling

Unlike people, computer systems can not make choices primarily based totally on taste, experience, and knowledge. There isn’t anyt any emotion in the laptop. The manner we people research from our experiences, the laptop can not research from their experiences.

Although the laptop does now no longer have the cappotential to make choices. however these days to make the cappotential of choices in computer systems is being advanced via way of means of Artificial intelligence.

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