Exercise your mind: with these websites, you can play logic games

Exercise your mind: with these websites, you can play logic games

In this article, I will discuss with details about Exercise your mind with some of the websites. There are many situations in which we need some kind of fun to pass the time , such as when we go on the bus, in the subway or we are in the doctor’s office waiting for our turn. There we can do a bit of the same thing we always do, listen to music, watch a YouTube video, read the news … Or we can opt for something different, something that a few years ago was the order of the day, but which has been largely lost. measured by the appearance of new technologies. Well, those same technological devices are the ones that will help us to play classic games like mazes, logic games and all that kind of hobby.

These types of games have lost strength caused by the flood of new types of fun due to the amount of video games that exist today, but they still have their charm. The way many of them make us think or complicate things in the most seemingly simple way is part of the magic they have. The mental exercise that they involve is, on several occasions, quite extensive, especially if we compare them with modern games, where fun is spectacular, but the promotion of ingenuity and thought are not always present.

That is why we are going to see a few websites where we can play all these types of games to weigh our hours in which we do not know what to do is Exercise your mind.

Exercise your mind with Tarkus

If there is an application that conjures up all these types of games, it is Tarkus. We have a lot of activities to do, including a section of logic games where we have some games that will require our greatest possible concentration, as well as a good dose of reflection, since they are not as easy as they seem at first. But the games do not stop there, since we will have at our disposal crosswords, self-defined, word searches, crosswords, cryptograms, quicks, sudokus, bilingual, chaotic, alphagrams and anagrams.


Mental games

In this case, the name of the website itself tells us very explicitly what its purpose is. We are facing a very simple intern that does not pretend to be an impediment to find the games that we like the most. It has eight different categories such as Ingenuity, Puzzles, Daily Puzzles, Crosswords, Sudokus, Memory and Mathematics, so we are covered in a wide range of possibilities. Within each category we will have different types of games where we will put our minds at stake to solve them. As is normal, there are easier and more difficult ones, there is that each one is choosing those that they like the most.


Exercise your mind with the World of the Gifted

This website is dedicated to the world of the gifted and in it there is a section of games to think about that is very interesting. We can solve certain problems that they pose us, some very interesting and that will force us to put our whole mind to work , because there are several that are really complicated and a challenge to solve. They will be mathematical games, logic games and even some of visual difficulty, all very fun and with the possibility of seeing the solution, something that we do not advise until you solve them.


Primary World

In Primary World we also have games of the type that we have been talking about in this article, but oriented towards children , so that they also use their mind and their concentration to solve them. But they don’t just stay there, since we have countless games for children to learn by playing such as math, language, English, science, animal, memory, attention, letter, search map games, of couples, puzzles and purely mental.


Exercise your mind with Symbaloo

Here we will also find a lot of logic games where they will not make you think to solve them in the best of ways. We will have games as interesting as mathematical and logical reasoning type, puzzles, chess, active mind, memory, mental calculation, mathematics, hieroglyphics or scale type. In addition, there will be other more classic games, but in which you also have to think a lot such as tic-tac-toe, connect 4, corner the cat, tangram, dominoes, guess the hidden number or the sumon.


Exercise your mind with Psychoactive

This is a website that specializes in psychology and that also has a section where we can play. In this category of the we we can find different topics such as logic puzzles, mathematical puzzles, optical illusions, culture and science, puzzles, attention and perception, lateral thinking, visual and spatial area, verbal intelligence and curiosities. But one of the most interesting faculties is to be able to put the difficulty with which we want those games to be placed between novice, apprentice, beginner, amateur, professional, expert, teacher, virtuoso or genius. As you can see in this case we have some interesting things to enjoy the best logic games at the level that we estimate.


Neuron juice

This is another website where we will be able to put our minds to the test with very fun games where logic, concentration and perception are put to the test. We have several types of games from logic puzzles, mathematical riddles, puzzles, 3D printer puzzles, mathematical magic, optical illusions, impossible figures, intelligence tests, prime numbers and some other games. Sometimes the level of difficulty may be quite high, but that also gives it more value when we have solved it.


All the websites that we have seen today will help us to exercise our mind, something that is as necessary as physical exercise itself. What happens is that we see our physique every day and our mind seems to be an engine that will never fail. Well, you always have to exercise it, one way or another, but you must exercise just like we go swimming or run on an electrical treadmill to maintain or improve our weight. We must bear in mind that our mind is the sustenance of our organism together with the heart.

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