Facebook channel

Facebook channel

Facebook channel

Facebook channel Omnichannel for Customer Service gives a set of abilties that expand the energy of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise to allow corporations to immediately join and interact with their clients throughout virtual messaging channels.

An extra license is needed to get entry to Omnichannel for Customer Service. For greater data, see the Dynamics 365 Customer Service pricing assessment and Dynamics 365 Customer Service pricing plan pages.


Many clients use social messaging channels like LINE for his or her non-public communique needs. Many additionally decide upon the usage of those messaging channels to interact with businesses.

The asynchronous nature of those channels offers clients the benefit of having their troubles resolved as and once they discover time, in contrast to real-time channels like Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, in which the consultation ends while the chat window is closed.

Note Facebook channel

If you operate get entry to tokens in Facebook, refresh them on a 60-day agenda or as required due to the fact the tokens may randomly expire. More data: Facebook get entry to tokens


The following conditions should be met earlier than you configure the Facebook channel in Omnichannel for Customer Service.Create a Facebook web page and allow Messenger. More data Create and Manage a Page and Messaging
If you`ll use a take a look at environment, installation take a look at bills in Facebook in order that marketers can ship and get hold of messages in Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Roles and permissions

Facebook customers who don`t have a function withinside the Facebook app should have the pages_messaging permission to ship messages to a Facebook web page from Omnichannel for Customer Service.

For Omnichannel for Customer Service if you want to retrieve the consumer`s username from Facebook, the consumer should request for Business Asset User Profile Access of their Facebook app.

Facebook channel
Facebook channelFacebook channel

Configure a Facebook channel

To configure a Facebook channel, the subsequent steps are required:Create a Facebook channel account.Configure a Facebook workstream and paintings distribution settingsCreate the Facebook channel account

Enter the subsequent information:

On the Add account web page, withinside the Application ID and Application mystery fields, specify the Facebook App ID and App mystery that you would copied from the Facebook utility.

Page call: Name of the Facebook web page.

ID of the Facebook web page. To get the web page ID, visit your Facebook web page, choose About, and duplicate the fee withinside the Page ID field.
Page get entry to token Specify the Page get entry to token of the Facebook utility.

To get the web page get entry to token, visit your Facebook utility after which visit Messenger > Settings. In the Access Tokens section, choose the web page, and duplicate the fee withinside the Page Access Token field.

On the Callback data web page, the Callback URL and Verify token fields are populated routinely while you keep the settings. Use the data to configure webhooks withinside the Facebook utility.

The values for the fields will now no longer be generated if the Facebook web page is reused throughout a couple of times of the channel.

Create a Facebook workstream

When set to sure for each consumer and agent, clients and marketers can ship and get hold of document attachments. More data: Enable document attachments. The availability and help of media is depending on the Facebook utility settings. More data: Facebook updates

Facebook message tag:

Set to Yes to allow your marketers to message clients after 24 hours have passed. When set to No, marketers can be not able to reply to clients after 24 hours until the consumer sends some other message.
If you allow the Facebook human agent message tag all through an energetic verbal exchange among the agent and consumer, the agent should near the verbal exchange and reopen it to speak with clients after 24 hours of inactivity.

Messenger widget on a custom website

If a consumer begins offevolved a verbal exchange from the Facebook web page after which later switches to the cell device, the preceding verbal exchange persists, and the consumer can continue Facebook channel

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