Haier laptop

Haier laptop

Haier laptop

Haier laptop Haier is one of the pleasant businesses that offer all forms of digital instruments. These laptops are the fourth section of the Prime Minister`s computer scheme. One of the principle specs of the Haier computer Y11C is that its display

It is one of the pleasant laptops to be had withinside the market. I am the use of Haier Y11C Laptop for the beyond years and it’s miles doing very well.Haier Laptop Y11C is the brand new participant withinside the market.

Haier Y11C is given to college students of Undergraduate, Graduate, and Masters to Phd level. You can recognize the whole information about the Specifications of the hair computer Y11C on the hyperlink given below

The CPU used is Intel core-7Y30.

These are all of the specs and the residences of the Haier computer Y11C. If you didn`t get this computer thru PM Laptop scheme then you could additionally purchase it. How a lot does it fee

Haier computer Y11C prices someplace among 10k to 20k Pakistani Rupees, however constantly preserve in thoughts that the fee relies upon upon the circumstance and using the computer. If the computer is withinside the exact circumstance then it’s going to fee you extra.

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Haier laptop
Haier laptop

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