How does Inbound Marketing work and what strategies must be taken into account?

How does Inbound Marketing work and what strategies must be taken into account?

In the early days of advertising, companies did not operate as they do today, it is obvious, due to changing technologies, decades ago everything was black and white, and there were very few resources to advertise, for example, phone books, or call Any time to do intrusive advertising to attract customers, even door-to-door advertising without even prior notice and was quite annoying, and could prove to be counterproductive in many cases. Today, with the internet, all of this has changed. So in this article, I will discuss How does Inbound Marketing work.

Thanks to the internet and digital marketing methods, and all the forms and opportunities provided by all the tools, non-intrusive and seamless customer acquisition is what is best done with Inbound Marketing.

Many Marketing specialists from years ago until today have changed the business world as it has always been known, some of these specialists like Steve Jobs, have influenced how consumer behavior is understood today.

All this information is very valuable to be able to carry out good and quality marketing, but also to understand why these tactics have been developed.

Creating attractive products by practicing smart marketing

The clearest example that we have of a company that made use of intelligent marketing and experiences is the Apple brand, in addition to the creation of one of the most successful companies in history, which managed to get out of bankruptcy through these They have been a great example to follow in terms of traditional marketing strategies that have always been known. An example of these tactics is his motto of “Think Different”, simplicity, exclusivity, and intelligence in just two words. In addition to the way, they reveal what the products of their next releases are like, great and very minimalist, which generate incessant expectation.

Steve Jobs understood and shared the idea that all smart marketing campaigns are the key to success. Creating a spectacular product with good quality, and generating exciting brand experiences with it through campaigns and events, he took advantage of the emotions caused by this mixture to sell the product.

Taking advantage of personal networks

In online marketing, personal networks are used by serving independent agents within the same company. Thanks to these agents, who carry out word-of-mouth, word-of-ear marketing, which consists of promoting the power of the recommendations of our satisfied clients to other potential buyers, and they achieve an incentive structure, based on speed. and the extent to which a customer network can be developed. The main objective of companies today is to boost sales, thanks to the support of recommendations because consumers believe less and less in conventional direct and elaborate advertising, however, they trust more in opinions and reviews of Other users.

The content that the brand communicates must add value to the user.

The mistake of talking only about the brand and what it offers, in the content that expresses it is very common, it must be avoided. The idea is to investigate what the user is interested in knowing, and how it can be contributed to the user, something that can be attractive and useful at the same time, that is related to the brand in some way. Although it is also necessary to look for the way in which this content can cause emotion and entertainment.

The content must be optimized for a good SEO positioning.

First of all, before creating content, you have to take into account all the SEO tools that can facilitate a better positioning in Google, and how you can adapt the content you want to share to achieve that positioning.

Content adapted to the different phases of the conversion funnel.

When the first contact with the client is made, the resolution of doubts is sought in a general and concise manner. As the relationship strengthens and the client gets closer to the brand, you can go deeper into the contact and the transfer of information, with detailed guides and expert opinions or testimonials.

The content must respond to the branding, but not be focused on the brand’s products.

Everything that the brand communicates must be in coherence with its image, its mission, vision, and values, as has been said previously, the center of attention must be the user and not the brand itself. The communication strategy called “80/20” must be followed: 80% focused on the consumer and 20% will only talk about the brand, its products, and services.

The content must have a regulated publication plan.

The best way to develop an Inbound Marketing content plan is by planning and distributing the publications to be made over time, so that it is not very heavy content, but not something neglected, if not regular and with strategy, thus reaching more users in the medium and long term

Bear in mind that content is an investment in the future.

It may be the case that an article or publication becomes viral and generates a boom of visits and comments. But normally this is not the case, it tends to have a reach similar to the normal average, so the content must be created on the basis of attracting future customers and that it is something that must remain in view of the users for a long time.

I hope you understand better about How does Inbound Marketing work. if you have any questions about this topic then feel free to ask in the comment section How does Inbound Marketing work. Thanks 🙂

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