How to advertise with these advertisers : 4 main advertisers

How to advertise with these advertisers: 4 main advertisers

Contextual advertising: Life does not end with Adsense

Another way to monetize your blog is by “selling” your traffic to advertisers. It’s about placing contextual advertising on your blog. Without a doubt, the most used tool for this is Google Adsense, the king of PPC (Pay Per Click). How to advertise with these advertisers so these are the 4 main advertisers.
That is, the advertiser pays you based on a rate based on the number of people – your users – who click on your ad and go to your website).
This type of advertising is contextual because Google is responsible for showing a series of ads in your holes that, in principle, are related to the content of your blog.
But there are other alternatives to Adsense, each with its peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages: Yahoo Publisher, WordAds, BlogAds, Adjal, Bidvertiser, etc … I’ll get wet about it in another article, if I haven’t already done it and don’t even remember, that it’s possible…
For now, I leave you this post where I tell you how to improve your CPC in Adsense like a boss. Ok, I’ll also leave you the video … XD

Sell banners or spaces on your blog

Sell advertising space on your blog for banners or direct advertisements for products, services or new campaigns. It is like the previous point, only now it is you who contacts the advertiser, without intermediaries, with what less money is left on the way and more for your pocket.
How do you do it? It’s very easy: you include on your website a section, a page or simply a well visible banner of “Advertise here” or similar that refers to the conditions, prices and formats that you offer .
You can make a downloadable PDF in which to “sell” all the benefits of your blog that you can think of. You like you don’t have a grandmother. Of course, if possible, cut your creativity a little and also love yourself more, look what I’ve seen out there … A banner for one euro a month? For the love of God…

How to earn money online with Sponsors

Find a sponsor. If your website has a theme and values in accordance with the brand objectives of a company, it should not be difficult for you to find a sponsor who for a small monthly fee wants to appear on your website as a sponsor.
This is the case of the swimmer Jorge Crivillés, who is sponsored by the Asisa Foundation on his blog. The health insurer thus associates the image of its foundation with sports and healthy living, while the veteran record holder may receive some financial or in-kind assistance (free examinations, medical assistance, etc.). How to advertise with these advertisers: 4 main advertisers

It is another way of selling advertising space, which is not far from being in appearance like one more banner, but the sponsor has a better image for the public: “Look how nice that company is, which supports Fulanito’s blog.” That is priceless for that company …
There are also cases of individual bloggers whose success attracted so much attention to a company that they ended up being hired to do their corporate blogs. That happened to José Facchin, who started with a humble blog from scratch (below in a current image) and today he is the content director of SEMRush in Spanish. How to advertise with these advertisers: 4 main advertisers

Audio Advertising or Pay per Play

The most obnoxious way to be heard, but there it is … Audio Advertising or Pay per Play (PPP). Grrrrrrrrr! The typical banner with video or audio that plays automatically and with the sound in “on” mode. Very intrusive, although with a 100% conversion, since the user often cannot stop it or does not find it easy to do so.
Not recommended, although there are digital newspapers that do it, I imagine that because they are paid very well and also because their readers must sweat a bit.
Example: how someone who is learning about economics has to “eat”, at least for a few seconds, a hamburger with potatoes that clearly interrupts his reading.
If this format (which I personally hate) makes any sense, it’s for hammering away with expiration date campaigns, like the one above. How to advertise with these advertisers so these are the 4 main advertisers I have discussed above.

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