How to earn money online : Earn dollars with these methods

How to earn money online: Earn dollars with these methods

In this article, I will give you some best methods where you can earn money online I hope these methods will be new for you and you have never heard about that methods. So let us discuss this in detail.

I help you, little Hobbit

Is there no level that resists you in a specific video game or in several? Then you can also capitalize on your expertise and earn money online by helping other players to level up.

On pages like Boosting.Pro or PlayerAuctions you will find many people interested in paying to get to level up in a lot of games. How much can you earn? Well it depends, from a handful of dollars to hundreds or thousands.


Become a videogame coach

Coach, trainer, guide, tutor … If you really are a master in a video game, you can help others to improve their skills.

On the page  you can offer yourself as a League of Legends coach. Prices are around 15-30 euros per hour.

There are several categories or levels of mastery and users leave ratings and comments on the skills of the coaches. Obviously, the more and better ratings you have, the better your cache will be.


Sell guides or ebooks with video game tricks

If the camera does not convince you, but instead you are an ace hitting the key, you have another option to make the most of your skill with video games. You can create a guide or ebook with cool information, tricks, curiosities, etc. about that video game that you dominate so much and sell it directly on Amazon without major complications.

Here you can have a very interesting field, because there is already a lot of material of this type in English, but not so much in Spanish. So, you know, to write … Of course, you will have to be an expert in the video game in question and contribute something that is really worth paying for.


The best thing is that, once you have the work done, you will have a 100% scalable info product. And if the invention works for you, you can always replicate it.

Sell your YouTube channel

Let’s see … Officially, Google does not allow the transfer of YouTube accounts but, as in everything, there is always some loophole … I’ll just tell you.

If you have a channel with good content and a good number of subscribers, you can consider selling it to get some money. How much? Well, here it happens as with the websites or social accounts, it will depend on the quality of what you offer and what the buyer is willing to pay.

On the Viral Accounts page they give you the option to put your YouTube channel up for sale , as long as it has more than 10,000 subscribers and the theme is not “adults”.


You can also find buyers on Forobeta and Foro 2.0 sites .

Sell products as an affiliate on your blog: one of the typical ways to earn money online

This is really cool to me! To earn money online with affiliate systems you can go for giants  Amazon or eBay but also use other options, such as Tradedoubler, Clickbank, ShareASale, Skimlinks, or AffiliateWindow.


The objective, in this case, is to make your blog a showcase where you can promote products and services from other companies, which will give you a commission for each sale they make thanks to you.

Check out this example from a travel blog:


Here the possibilities are as many as power of imagination you have. You can make banners, articles, product recommendations with links to them, reviews, etc …

It is one of the most used methods and that can give you the most benefits if you do it well, but, as always, try, fail, try again, err again … And so on until you get it. That’s how it works.

Sell tools and other services as an affiliate

The affiliation of services or tools is another opportunity to increase your checking account. You can work the affiliation of hostings, plugins or analysis tools, which are very fashionable in the world of online marketing.

See, for example, how Alex Navarro does it here on his blog Vivir de la Red.


But you can also sell what they do on other websites, which is another form of affiliation, as Pat Flynn does wonderfully on his blog, an inspiration for those who want to live off the Internet without giving up their lives in the attempt.


Take advantage of your fans to take advantage of affiliate links

If you have a good legion of fans, take advantage of all possible means of communication (your blog, forums, social networks, newsletters, emailing) with them to send them recommendations with affiliate links .

Keep in mind that if they follow you, it is because they consider you an authoritative voice on the matter you are dealing with and, with that, you have more than half way towards closing a sale.

You will see it very clearly with the example of Mubis , a portal dedicated to film collectors. On Twitter they have more than 4,000 followers ( potential compulsive movie buyers on the subject).

When Amazon or another online sales platform with which they have an agreement launch an interesting offer, they bounce it in a tweet with a shortened link that, as you can imagine, carries an affiliate code. Every sale generated from there, commission to sing for them.


Online consulting

You are an expert in something and you can help others to achieve their goals. So why not offer to consult services through your blog? This obviously depends on your field of activity, but you can almost always offer advice or guide those who are just starting out and have no experience. Establish an agenda, how to organize the meetings, and see how it turns out for you.

Mentoring is also on the rise due to the need that people have today to recycle and unleash their full potential in the hands of qualified professionals, for which it pays quite well. (PS: I don’t do mentoring)


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