How to earn through videos : 4 different methods to earn

How to earn through videos: 4 different methods to earn

How to earn through videos in this article I will discuss with details about 4 different methods to earn with videos.

Create a YouTube channel

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you are losing a lot of chances to earn extra money. You know, everything is adding XD.

First you will have to create it, supply it with good content and gain visits and subscribers. From there, as with your blog, you can generate income from Adsense advertising, direct advertisers, sale of reviews, sale of affiliate products, etc.

The latest study carried out by CISCO states that in 2019 online video consumption will be responsible for 80% of Internet traffic. There is nothing. Going for a part of that traffic to monetize it would not be bad at all, right?

Since we are with Youtube … This blessed little message will sound to you. It is the one that appears in the so – called pre-roll advertising , the typical advertisement that appears before the video you want to see and that normally allows you to skip it after a few seconds of its reproduction. The minimum time to find out – it is saying a lot – who is advertised in it.

If you have your own YouTube channel, a video blog or if your blog is very videographic, that is, very given to publishing your own videos and these have many reproductions, consider hiring this advertising format that will generate as much income as times are counted the partial or total viewing of the ad.

The spectacular video consumption data, as well as its forecast of unstoppable growth, mean that we must focus our attention on them and enhance their presence on our websites. They are the star content.

According to a Youtube report, in pre-rolls that cannot be skipped, users only pay attention to the ad 48% of the time . On the other hand, for those who can be removed within a few seconds of initiation, that interest increases to 85. Curious, right? In life we ​​like to be able to choose, and that applies to everything, as in this case.

It is not something that is in your power, but an important factor when it comes to getting the user to swallow the pre-roll advertising whole is that the ad arouses their curiosity and intrigue about its outcome.

I dare you to skip this video without seeing how it ends, come on XD.

 Earn extra money by making your time profitable with video games

Let’s see how you can make money online taking advantage of how freaky you are with XD video games.

I was already looking forward to getting to this part! If online gaming is not your thing, you can go directly to point 16 .

The easiest way is to harness the power of YouTube, record videos while you play, upload them, optimize them to gain some visibility and monetize them with advertising. Now, it is not just about recording yourself playing and voila, YouTube has its rules with this: so that you can monetize the video, you will have to contribute something else: explain things while you play, tell some tricks, etc.

It is true that you will have a lot of competition and that there are already very powerful gamers on YouTube, but it is also true that content related to video games is in brutal demand. As in everything, be different, be creative and get wet.

If you like to play, you are not going to lose anything either, because playing is going to do the same. If you get him some pasta, then welcome, right? And who knows, you might be so good at it that you can unseat Rubius himself.

PS: Attentive, I will shortly make a guide on how to gain fans on YouTube and how to monetize it with Adsense, among many other interesting things.

Sell video game characters and abilities

If you are not very into the subject, maybe this is the biggest freak in the world … But yes. You can also earn money online by selling advanced video game character packs and abilities such as weapons, magic, powers, etc. XD

On pages like PlayerAuctions you will find a large community willing to buy and sell this type of virtual item at prices of all types and conditions. From less than a dollar to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Earn money online by becoming a PRO Player of a video game (ProGamer)

Get rich playing It is the dream of any child … And not so child. The possibility of earning money by playing video games online is something that if a few years ago could be exotic, now it is the order of the day.

So much so that the profession – it already is – has its own name: they are gamers. Now, let no one believe that it is available to anyone. In addition to natural abilities, it is necessary to put in many hours of dedication and effort. Many.

If you start from scratch, some tips:

  • Learn English
  • try titles on different topics even if later you want to specialize in one in particular
  • play as a team
  • create a YouTube channel where you can broadcast your games
  • move around the world like crazy until you make a name for yourself.

There are pages like My Lands or OneWinner where you can start to prove how good you are and get some money playing.

The outstanding professionals of this world can earn up to one million euros a year. Almost nothing.

If at present there is a title that stands out above all for the masses it moves, it is none other than League of Legends , a true global phenomenon whose end is played in football stadiums and its global audience makes an entire Real Madrid pale -Barcelona.

The LoL (as it is popularly known among its addicts) is a multiplayer online battle arena. Its pro gamers (the pros of this game) have legions of fans and stratospheric salaries.

Here is a video of Faker, considered the best player in the world of this video game and I tell you that he is the fucking master.

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