How to make money with selling links | What is a guest post?

How to make money with selling links | What is a guest post?

If you are looking for financial freedom and want to enjoy the infinite advantages of making your job is to earn money online on the internet like the sucker in the photo, you are in luck, look what I have worked out for you … A list of 102 different ways and 100% real to earn money online from your home! So How to make money with selling links? is the main agenda of today.

Some will make you earn more money, others less… But if you move around and do it right… The money is there!

And if you want to further enhance any of these techniques to earn money online, take a look at my Digital Marketing section, where you will find proven strategies to increase your traffic and online visibility with effective online marketing techniques.

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How to earn money online Like a Boss!

1.- How to make money with the sale of links : How to make money with selling links

If you have a website or blog, sell links in sponsored articles or guest posts (articles that you host on your blog by guest authors or in which you have their collaboration).

You register for free as a medium or editor in tools such as Unancor,  Publisuites,  Corbis , and from that moment your blog is offered to numerous brands willing to pay you, either in exchange for including their links in your publications or for making posts about their companies, products or services (the famous reviews that I will tell you about later).

The last word on prices is yours, but you must be aware that:

  • You will hardly receive requests if you do not have traffic and/or online reputation
  • You must set your rates in line with the previous point

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There are blogs that directly promote this possibility. You can do it too.

If your blog has a certain visibility, reputation and traffic, it is not uncommon for buyers to also reach you directly and that you start receiving emails of this type:

With the price they offer you you can find everything. It is in your power to negotiate what you consider fair and that may be consistent with what the buyer is willing to pay. If you have doubts, this Citizen 2.0 post can help you calculate how much you can charge for a sponsored post on your blog.

2.- Become a video game streamer

Are you good at playing online? Become a video game streamer.

This is like what I have already told you about recording you while you play and explain things, but live and with donations.

On TwitchTV  you can watch hundreds of live games, among other so-called “cyber sport” content.

Do people make donations? You are right. Not at the first exchange, of course. But donations of 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 dollars have been made … And up to 100,000! I’m not fooling you! This really is making money online like a fucking master! The unwritten rules say that after receiving a donation, the person who made it is cited or a raffle or special action is held.

Do not miss this video and the reactions of the players … How would you stay? XD

If you have a pull, the platform itself will be able to advertise you, so you can also generate money from advertising with your games.

3.- Remove advertisers from Google

This sounds strong but it is very simple: call Adwords advertisers who are promoting with the keywords in your niche and offer them a better price per click than Google.

Nothing better than an example to understand how this first monetization method works:

If your blog is about campsites, identify which companies pay Google to appear in searches for “campsites” and also for their related keywords, such as “beach campsites”, “camping tents”, and so on.

How to do that? You just have to search for “campsites” and look at the sponsored ads in Google results (they have no loss, they are labeled “ad”, like the ones in the image below), call them and offer them a better price than the one they pay per click on Adwords, which in some cases is sheer madness.

Some of these companies will have contextual advertising contracted and remarketing will do the rest, showing you as soon as you navigate to more advertisers related to campsites. Voilà, look how fast, we already have one and hey, it even comes with the phone.

If your blog is well positioned and has significant traffic, or in other words, you are a fucking master in your niche, you can contact those companies that you know are investing in advertising and offer them to do it on your website at a cheaper price from which Google has been charging them.

I give you an argument that will put them in your pocket: ask them if they really believe that the views of their campaigns on the Google display network are ALWAYS on relevant sites in relation to campsites. Your blog is a lot. Here you will have to bring up your numbers to prove it.

Remember that you have to always be bold, brave and move without complexes. You can be inspired by a real crack who made himself from scratch and today is his cock: Gary Vaynerchuk .

If you don’t know who he is, here you can see him in action speaking precisely about this first way of monetization.

4 .- Make Money with Text Link Ads (TLA) : How to make money with selling links

It is a very common practice and consists of locating somewhere on your website (the footer, a column …) some links in text format from advertisers related to the theme of your blog. Is it the link building? How to make money with selling links?

They don’t sing too much and they’re not intrusive, even if you don’t think you’re going to get rich with this either… But, hey, less gives a stone and in the end it all adds up. Here is an example of how these links are usually published:

In any case, in case you have any questions about the outgoing do-follow links, I leave you this post where I talk about the subject. And if you are lazy to read, here is also the video.

Oh, and another thing, if you don’t have a decent average authority, forget it, because those who pay for the links are looking for visibility, logically.

MatomySeo (inheritors of the original Text Link Ads), Linkworth, and Blogsvertise are some of the websites that act as intermediaries between the buyers and sellers of TLA.

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