How you select Amazon products?

How you select Amazon products?

We generally find practically any type of electronic item such as headphones or Bluetooth speakers or cables but also household utensils such as towels, knives or sheets. They are affordable products that Amazon detects that they sell well in other brands or external sellers so he decides to make them his own. Items that are sold frequently, for daily use and that we usually buy without caring much about the brand but looking for something that is not too expensive and that fulfills its function. For example, batteries or an HDMI cable of which the only thing that matters is that it works correctly and we do not care about the brand because we usually always look at the one that is cheapest and meets the requirements we are looking for. This is probably why AmazonBasics succeeds. I will give you how you select Amazon products?

What price do they have?

One of the ‘must’ in this range are both normal, AA, alkaline, and rechargeable batteries. The pack of 100 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries is priced at about 22.39 euros. A similar pack of 100 alkaline batteries from the VARTA brand is priced at approximately 27.81 euros or the Poweradd brand has a similar price, for about 24.99 euros for the AA alkaline battery pack. The only difference between them is that the store brands its own brand as “Amazon Choice” , making it more visible and it may be more reliable to bet on Amazon’s Basic than on other more unknown ones such as Poweradd, a brand that does not sound familiar. you are welcome.

AA alkaline batteries



Another totally different product are, for example, the yellow highlighters of the same brand. The price of 10 fluorescent yellow highlighters is 9.45 euros compared to others such as Stabilo, with a price of 8.49 euros per pack. The price difference is hardly striking but Amazon will always show its option first if you do not specify the brand when searching for the product.

Yellow Highlighters Amazon Basics


Cables are one of the star items in this range because, as we have said before, we only want it to fulfill its function and to be affordable. There are HDMI or USB adapters, HDMI cables of all prices, USB cables, DisplayPort, network cables, audio extension cables and all the adapters you may need. For example, the Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Cable is priced at 5.99 euros or the USB C to USB cable is priced at 9.95 euros with a length of 0.9 meters. We find more expensive and cheaper models in both options, but Basics is an affordable option to consider if we are concerned about “trust” in the brand.

Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Cable



How you select Amazon products and How to buy

Buying at AmazonBasics is similar to doing it with any other brand or product in the online store. There are several options. The first is that you go to and look at the section bar under the search engine: Fresh, DIA, AmazonBasics, Bestsellers, Prime … From here you can automatically access the basic store of your own brand from where you can explore the different categories or products that are available to buy.

Amazon basics

The second option is the most common and you will find them in any search you carry out in the online store, whatever the type, as long as there is one of these products that corresponds to that “brand”. In most cases, it will appear as highlighted by Amazon or Amazon Choice , almost always in the top positions. All you have to do is use the search engine to find what you need and you will see in the product title “Amazon Basics – Whatever Product Description” .

HDMI adapterThe purchase process is identical : you add it to the basket, choose the address, the payment method, you pay and it will arrive at your home in a few days. Generally they are Prime options but it will depend on the existence, the product …

How you select Amazon products Other Amazon Brands

Beyond the products in the Amazon Basics catalog there are all kinds of products that belong to the so-called “Amazon Brands” . They are not from Amazon Basics but from others like Presto! or Happy Belly where we find coffee capsules, nuts, pants for sports or baby wipes and diapers of all sizes.

There are many different brands, but when making the purchase in “Fresh” you will find that there is a specific category to select the products of them. In addition, they are usually marked or indicated in the description of the article or even in the title.

Some brands are:


Solimo is one of the main “Amazon Brands” and one of the most affordable. It has coffee in capsules compatible with all brands of coffee machines (Café Nesspresso, Dolce Gusto …) but also coffee beans. In addition, it has disposable razors, liquid hand soap, shower gel and other body and facial care products such as bath gel, daily use shampoo, moisturizers, etc.


Happy belly

Happy Belly is a food and beverage brand where we generally find coffee, nuts of all kinds, chocolates and biscuits or spices, and pastry products. It has its own “store” within Amazon so it is easy to find practically anything thanks to the different categories. From green tea bags or berries, jam, coffee or extra virgin olive oil.

Happy belly


Presto! is another Amazon brand specially designed for drugstore. We can find it on Amazon Fresh but also in the common search for Spain and no fabric softener, dishwasher tablets, capsules detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, air fresheners , toilet, scarves and all kinds of “consumables” drugstore a Amazon’s own white label.


Mama bear

Mama Bear is Amazon’s own brand for baby products. We found several main categories: feeding, baby wipes, diapers, and skincare. It has its own store within Amazon where we can buy from pacifiers and teethers (about nine euros for four pacifiers) to baby wipes (12 or 18 packages) to infant diapers of all possible sizes for any age.



Find is Amazon’s fashion brand and within its store we find categories for men and women and the possibility of filtering according to what we want jeans, shirts, t-shirts, shoes, sweaters, coats … Although it has changed its name, it is the fashion option within the global store itself and the operation is similar to any other purchase.

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