Profiles of some parliamentarians include professional titles that do not have

Profiles of some parliamentarians include professional titles that do not have

Only 2.5% of parliamentarians have a doctorate degree (three deputies and two senators) and only 25.8% have a master’s degree. So in this article, I will discuss with details about Profiles of some parliamentarians include professional titles that do not have.

They are part of the conclusions of an investigation published by the newspaper La Tercera this Saturday, in which they delved into the educational level of the representatives in Congress. The emphasis, however, is that some parliamentarians misreport their professional titles or it has been misreported on official Congressional sites.

The case of the deputy PPD Loreto Carvajal

This is the case of the deputy PPD Loreto Carvajal, who during her campaign, in her brochures it was possible to read that she was a lawyer from the Catholic University. The same appears in the reviews of the Library of National Congress. But in reality, he studied at the Catholic University of the Holy Conception, an institution in which he did not get a degree, details the journalistic text. So Profiles of some parliamentarians include professional titles that do not have.

UDI senator Alejandro García-Huidobro

The declaration of the patrimony of UDI senator Alejandro García-Huidobro, meanwhile, indicates that he is a Political Scientist at the University of Chile, but he does not have degrees or degrees from that university. “I finished with a degree in Political Science, the title is public administrator, but I did not do the thesis, since I had a lot of work,” he said.

Senator DC Ximena Rincón

Senator DC Ximena Rincón is a lawyer from the University of Chile, a title granted by the Supreme Court in 1992. But the Library of Congress also indicates that she has a degree in History from the University of Concepción. She admits that she does not have that degree, even though she did the study for one year of that degree. It ensures that it is an error in the profile of that page and will request that it be corrected. “I have never said that I have a bachelor’s degree, I said that I studied for a year undergraduate,” he explained.

The Library of National Congress also indicates that UDI Senator Iván Moreira studied Public Relations. Moreira indicates that he never studied it, despite the fact that he played that role. This trajectory allowed him to enter the College of Public Relations. “I have the diploma in my office with great pride. Nowhere did I place that I studied, “he said. So Profiles of some parliamentarians include professional titles that do not have.

Senator PS Carlos Montes

Senator PS Carlos Montes can be read in the review of the aforementioned library that he graduated as an economist at the Catholic University, but there are no mentions of a professional title in his curriculum on the Senate page. The president of the Senate explains that he did not process his degree after studying at UC, and when he went into exile in 1981 he studied economics in Mexico, a career that does not have validation in Chile, its equivalent being commercial engineering.

Montes was consulted about the errors in the profiles shown by the Library of National Congress: “I have no idea (who it depends on specifically, but) it depends on the Senate and the Chamber, but they normally check things, what happens is that the interpret ”. He asked that the information be corrected.

Deputy Claudia Mix

In another of the cases exposed, the Chamber’s page says that Deputy Claudia Mix (Power) has a degree in Social Work from the Academia de Humanismo Cristiano University, a campus that indicates that she does not have a degree or degree.

Within the extensive academic curriculum of Pepe Auth (IND), a Bachelor’s Degree in Livestock Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from the University of Chile is mentioned. The house of studies indicates that it does not register titles or degrees.

Again, the Library of Congress details that Harry Jürgensen (RN) is a veterinarian, however, during his campaign he acknowledged that he does not have the title. So Profiles of some parliamentarians include professional titles that do not have.

case occurs with Pedro Pablo Álvarez Salamanca (UDI)

A similar case occurs with Pedro Pablo Álvarez Salamanca (UDI), whose library profile says he has a degree in Legal Sciences from the Mariano Egaña University (now Pedro de Valdivia University), from which he is only a graduate.

Deputy Daniel Núñez (PC) reported that he is a sociologist from the University of Chile. The house says he has a degree in Sociology. Nuñez assures that it is an error of the university since he did his practice and presented his thesis.

Deputy Gael Yeomans

Deputy Gael Yeomans, from Izquierda Libertaria, reported on the Chamber’s page that she has a degree in Law from the University of Chile, a university that says she has neither degrees nor degrees. She acknowledges that she is in the last stage of review before obtaining her bachelor’s degree.

On the other hand, the Frente Amplio website presented the deputies Diego Ibáñez and Gabriel Boric as lawyers, in circumstances that neither of them has sworn before the Supreme Court.

The report has data from 155 deputies and 43 senators since 32 deputies have not published their curricular background and some private universities, such as Gabriela Mistral, Finis Terrae, and Uniacc denied the information to the media.

The 5 doctors? They are the senators Felipe Kast (Evop) and Ena von Baer (UDI), and the deputies Marcelo Díaz (PS), Rodrigo González (PPD) and Pablo Lorenzini (DC).

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