Returning a game on Steam: everything you need to know

Returning a game on Steam: everything you need to know

If you have bought a game on Steam and want to return it , you should not only know how to do it, but it is also important to know the cases in which we are allowed to return it. For this reason, today we are going to tell you everything you need to know in this regard. Returning a game on Steam: everything you need to know Returning a game on Steam: everything you need to know complete guide about games.

The purchase of games online has grown substantially in recent years and if there is a website where thousands of users perform this action, it is Steam.

What is Steam?

Steam is a digital game distribution platform that was created by Valve Corporation in 2003. At first it was dedicated to supporting the company’s updates, but soon (2008) it diversified and began to market games from other companies of the sector.

To be able to use the web, we just have to register for free, creating a user account in which all the games that we buy will be recorded.

On Steam we can get free titles, as well as paid titles, others with very important promotions and even some that allow us to play for a few days for free. Its catalog is huge, since it has more than 3,000 different games and more than 70 million active users.

When we buy a game on Steam, it remains in the memory of our account so that we can download it whenever we want and as many times as we need. In addition, every time there is an update of the games we have, they will be updated automatically. All this means that if we change computers there will be no problem, since everything we have bought, being on the Steam servers, we can reinstall it.

In order to buy the games that have some kind of cost, we can use several payment methods : credit card, PayPal, PaySafe Card, WebMoney Skrill or by depositing money in our Steam account as a wallet. In Spain PaySafeCard and Skrill do not allow refunds, something that we must take into account.

Conditions for returning a game

As is normal, there are a series of conditions and rules for when we want to return a game on Steam, which it is convenient for us to know so as not to have any type of problem or mistake.

In the first place we must know that games that we have bought more than 14 days ago or that we have played more than 2 hours to the same title cannot be returned, something normal, since it would not be acceptable to return a game in which we have spent a lot time playing.

If we have pre-purchased a game, the same rule applies , but only from the game’s release date. We must also be clear that this rule is applicable to packs (that have not been used) or DLCs.

If the game that we have downloaded is from Valve, we will have the possibility to return it after 48 hours as long as we have not used or transferred it. It is a special option granted by the company that created this platform for its games.

These are the general rules, but it may happen that a specific title is not subject to this refund system, since the companies that put their games on Steam are not obliged to respect these rules , so it may be the case of that apply different regulations. At the time of buying a game, Steam will inform us of this so that we are fully aware.

The reasons for returning a game are quite comprehensive on the part of Steam, since basically a return can be made for any reason, as long as it is minimally normal. For example, because our computer can’t handle the title, because after playing for a while we didn’t like it, because we acquired it by mistake, etc.

If from Steam they consider that we meet all the requirements for the return, they will return the full money of the purchase within a period of one week after its approval . We can receive this refund in the Steam Wallet or in the same payment method that we use to buy the game.

This “friendly” return system does not mean that Steam is not aware of possible abuse by some other user. If they detect this type of behavior, they will automatically be suspended from this system for the future.

How do we return a game?

To return a game we have to follow a few steps that are very simple.

  • We go into Steam and we don’t go to our library of games .
  • Once there we enter the profile of the game that we want to return.
  • Now click on the support shadow , located on the right side of the image.
  • Now that we have entered the support of said game, the option Not what I expected or I bought this by accident should appear in the list of problems. If these options are not there, we cannot return the game.
  • By clicking on one of these options, as long as we have not played for more than hours and if it has been less than 14 days since we bought it, we can click on I would like to request a refund.

Now we go to a different menu, specifically the returns menu, where we must configure some options.

  • First of all, we must choose the way in which the amount paid for the game is returned to us , being able to request a refund in the same purchase method or in the Steam Wallet.
  • Next we have to choose the reason why we return the game , being able to choose between several options and include a note if we see it necessary.
  • Once we have completed all of the above, it is time to click on Send request so that the Steam support service receives our communication and resolves the return. From now on we must wait to receive an email accepting or denying what we have requested, knowing that in the vast majority of the time the result is positive.

As you can see, the way to return a game on Steam is really simple, in addition to being quite permissive with everything that this type of refund request means. with complying with the standards that they set, everything will be very simple

I hope you understand about this topic Returning a game on Steam: everything you need to know Returning a game on Steam: everything you need to know complete guide about games

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