Symptoms of being pregnant | what is pregnancy symptoms

Symptoms of being pregnant | what is pregnancy symptoms

How To Know If Your Period Is Coming Or You Are A Pregnant Symptoms of being pregnant means what is pregnancy symptoms I will discuss with details.

Introduction: Symptoms of being pregnant

Some symptoms tell you that you are suffering from a period. It is difficult to tell specific symptoms for everyone. These symptoms vary from female to female. May someone feel severe back pain and may someone feel lighter back pain.

Also, some symptoms are based on emotions. For example, may your happy mood changes to sadness. For confirmation whether you are pregnant or not you should concern with a doctor. There are pregnancy tests that verify whether you are pregnant or not.

You can easily guess that whether you are pregnant or not by the symptoms of pregnancy. If you feel that the symptoms of pregnancy are present in your body mentally and physically. Then you should concern with a doctor and ask them to test whether the pregnancy has occurred or not.

You should follow your doctor’s instructions and use medicine as directed by a physician or your doctor. Never use the medication without any recommendations.


Most Common symptoms of being pregnant :

In this section, we will discuss the 7 Symptoms of being pregnant. Symptoms with details are given below :

  1. 1. Many females may suffer from headaches if they are pregnant or having a period. This symptom is common in pregnancy and period. The intensity of headache also varies from women to women. May some females have severe pain or some women may have lighter pain.
  2. 2. Back pain is a symptom that your period is to come or you are pregnant. The pain may vary from woman to woman. Some women feel it severe and some women may feel it lighter.
  3. 3. Swallowing of breast or tenderness is the most common symptom if you are pregnant. They feel severe pain in their breasts. There is also a chance of enlargement of the breast.

Some women may feel their breasts heavier than normal conditions. There is the probability that they feel their breast is sensitive than usual.

  1. 4. Urine Issues is also a symptom for both if you are pregnant or having a period. In urine issues may your urination increases than the usual routine. This symptom indicates that you are pregnant or having a period.
  2. 5. Constipation may occur when you are pregnant. Hormones progesterone may create digestive issues that may lead to constipation. The changes occurred in hormones during early pregnancy may also lead to constipation.
  3. 6. Extreme tiredness or fatigue may occur when you are pregnant. Physical and mental illness may include when you are pregnant or having a period. It also includes abrupt changes of emotions with time.

This is usually occurred due to changes in the level of hormones when you are pregnant.

  1. Anxiety may also occur during pregnancy. May sometimes you will not feel fresh. Irritativeness may affect you with severe intensity.

Time To Concern With A Doctor:

  • Many females may feel different symptoms that relate that they are pregnant. There are usually two types of categories of symptoms i.e physical and emotional symptoms.


  • Many people face problems due to these symptoms in their daily life activities. These symptoms may interfere with their daily life. This becomes very difficult for them to overcome these issue. This type of illness creates mental tiredness. As a result, they can’t do daily life activities with more efficiency and easily.



  • Due to the above-given reason, many people concern with doctors to resolve these issues faced by them.


  • Some signs may lead to complications in your pregnancy. These include sharp abdominal pain and heavy bleeding. This may lead to result loss of a pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can threaten your life if ectopic pregnancy continues.

Following are some symptoms when you should concern with your doctor on an urgent basis :

Bleeding: what is pregnancy symptoms

  • Bleeding is the most common symptom of an alarming situation when you are pregnant. Never take your bleeding easy. This is a very complicated matter which may lead to miscarriage if not treated at the proper time.


  • If bleeding is heavy it may affect your health at high risk and is also risky for the baby. It may cause other health issues in an affected person. In such a situation, you should concern with a doctor as soon as possible.

Severe Back Pain: what is pregnancy symptoms

  • May you feel intensive back pain in the lower part of your back. This severeness indicates that you are ill. These are the common symptoms when you are pregnant. You should concern with your doctor to resolve this issue because the matter of pregnancy is always complicated.

Intense And Abrupt Headache :

  • Intense and abrupt headache is also a symptom of illness while you are pregnant. In such a situation. the headache may increase to the highest intensity which is not bearable. This sign is indicating that your condition is serious.


  • If you feel such a situation as described above you should concern with your doctor immediately.

Breathing Problem :

  • Breathing difficulty is the major and common symptom that tells you that you are medically unfit. You may feel irritated while breathing. It may also lead to difficulty while you are going upstairs or running.


  • If you are feeling such a breathing problem you should concern with your doctor on an urgent basis.

Conclusion: Symptoms of being pregnant

In the end, after the long discussion on ‘How to know if you are pregnant or not’. We concluded that beyond no doubt symptoms of pregnancy helps you to recognize whether you are pregnant or not. But these symptoms of being pregnant will never guarantee you until a doctor tells you after doing a test of pregnancy.

Different pregnancy tests are available that confirms the pregnancy. Never conclude anything based on symptoms. Because many symptoms resemble different diseases.

We can never say that one symptom relates to a specific disease. The only thing which makes clear and identifies the disease is the proper lab test. There are many authorized labs which offer different test and assures their quality and results.

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