The most beautiful cities of the Adriatic 

The most beautiful cities of the Adriatic

This sea is sandwiched between Italy and Croatia, also washing the coasts of Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia. So in this article, I will discuss with details about The most beautiful cities of the Adriatic.

The Adriatic Sea

The blue waters of the Adriatic Sea make up magical places and unique environments where nature and urban centers coexist in harmony. It occupies a privileged place in the south of the old continent, sandwiched between the extensive east coast of Italy and the eastern coast of Croatia, also covering the territories of Montenegro, Albania, and to a lesser extent Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this way it separates the Italian peninsula from the Balkan peninsula, forming part of the Mediterranean Sea. Before its waters lie important cities, historic cities and fishing villages that have known how to adapt to the circumstances and take advantage of all the virtues of the sea. On it there are also islands full of magic and its coasts are interspersed with beaches and coves of fine sand with impressive cliffs.

Venice, elegance, and sobriety : The most beautiful cities of the Adriatic 

The city of Venice is one of the icons of Italian geography, the architectural jewel most desired by tourists. It is located in the heart of the lagoon of the same name, in direct contact with the Adriatic Sea, its system of channels makes the water perfectly integrated between the buildings. It exudes elegance and romanticism, making its urban area the perfect place for tourism as a couple. It has countless attractions. San Marco Square takes hold as the heart of Venice, escorted by the impressive bell tower, the basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and the Clock Tower. Numerous restaurants and cafes decorate this magnificent enclave. In the surroundings, there are long and narrow streets that seek rest in one of its squares. All this without forgetting the Bridge of Sighs, It offers wonderful views of the lagoon. Perfect enclave to enjoy the sunset.

Kotor, fortified village facing the sea: The most beautiful cities of the Adriatic 

The charming city of Kotor appears before the eyes of tourists as a beautiful fortified city bathed by the Adriatic Sea, in Montenegrin territory. Qualified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it has established itself as one of the most touristic cities in the country. It lies sheltered by a narrow water inlet like an estuary known as the Bocas de Kotor, encased between stone walls. Its geographical location combines perfectly with its medieval appearance and the walled enclosure that presents the urban area, of exceptional conservation. Several doors allow access to the historic center, there the Plaza de Armas opens before the visitor, a rectangular enclave that serves as an aperitif for what will come later. Dozens of alleys and squares, the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, the Maritime Museum or the Kotor Castle,

Piran, colorful Slovenian: The most beautiful cities of the Adriatic 

The city of Piran, in Slovenia, is considered one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic, along with its coast, life passes calmly for the residents who have known how to make the most of the circumstances of living in front of the sea. The orange colors of the roofs and the variety of facades contrast with the dark blue of the Mediterranean. The sunsets from there culminate an unbeatable color palette. Its small port embraces the salty waters and opens the way to the historic center of the town. There is the Tartini Square, presided over by the statue of the violinist Giuseppe Tartini and escorted by Venetian-style buildings, a common trend in the streets of Piran. The alleys run narrow and winding until they come across the Cathedral of San Jorge and its lofty bell tower, from which it is possible to contemplate some excellent panoramic views. The ramparts and Trg 1 Maja square complete the visit.

Dubrovnik, the fortress of the Adriatic

The walled city of Dubrovnik appears before the tourist with an imposing countenance in front of the intense waters of the Adriatic, on the Croatian coast. Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and considered one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia, it was nicknamed “the pearl of the Adriatic.” Throughout history it has survived wars, bombings, invasions and natural disasters. Its wall is the image of the town, 16 towers complete the fortress that offers spectacular views. Palaces, monasteries and gates enliven the walk through Dubrovnik where every street and every corner exudes charm. The Puerta de Pile connects and serves as access to the historic center, from there begins one of the most important cobbled streets in the center. The Plaza Luza stands out, So The most beautiful cities of the Adriatic.


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