The No Internet Game

The No Internet Game

The No Internet Game. Nowadays, everything is operated through the internet. For example, e-commerce, online marketing, online booking, online gaming, etc.  Without the internet, your mobile phone or laptop is almost useless.

But today, we are going to introduce something unique and different about the “No Internet Game”. If you want to play any game, there are two methods, first is you have to download the game through the internet and play it on your system. The second one is to play games online.

There is an amazing fact that you can play the game without the internet and without downloading. If your internet connection has dropped and you get bored, then there is an option for you to play a game offline.

A few years ago, the owner of Google added a feature for fun in their chrome web browser. If your internet connection has gone and you won’t open a web page, a message will appear on your screen “No internet” and you will find a black-lined dinosaur next to the dialogue.

The majority of the people thought that dinosaur is only the icon to amuse them while internet connection has dropped for a while. But, accidentally space bar was pressed by someone and the dinosaur started running. This cute game has been loved by users. This game could be an addictive one.

This was released and introduced in September 2014.

This game is also known as the “Trex Game”.

In this article, you will learn all about  “No Internet Game”.

Unable To Connect Internet:

If your internet connection is interrupted, then open your web browser Google Chrome or you are already using Chrome, then enter the URL of the website you want to visit. You will receive a message “Unable to connect to the internet” and you will see a dinosaur next to this message.

To get in the game just press the spacebar and you will see a running dinosaur on your screen. There are some obstacles in the game which make the game more interesting. You have to jump over these obstacles to remain in the gameplay.

The jump is based on the spacebar or up arrow and the down arrow is used for ducking the dinosaur. If you press up the arrow for a longer time, the dinosaur will jump higher. As the game continues forward the speed of the dinosaur increases.

Endless Running Game :

Another amazing fact regarding this game is that how much longer is its time play?. It is impossible for you to complete the time because it is designed for approximately 17 million years. This time is equal to the time lived by the T-rex on the planet earth.

The main mission of the game is to survive as long as possible or until your internet connection becomes successful again. Typical sound is played on every 100 points you complete.

When you score 500 points in the game, afterward a pterodactyl enters in the game, to remain safe from its attack you have to press the down arrow key. If a dinosaur gets caught by the pterodactyls then the game will be over and you have to click on replay to start over the game.

If you are stuck in an obstacle, the game will be over. Your score will also get reset and you can play the game again by pressing the spacebar.

Play Game Using URL :

If you have a strong internet connection and you want to play this Trex game just for fun, then you can play this game by visiting the URL “chrome://dino/”. A page with the message “No internet” with a dinosaur will appear on your screen.

Or you can also use this URL “chrome://network-error/-106” on Google Chrome, a dinosaur with blacked lines will appear and it will start running as the spacebar key is pressed.

To get in the game you have to press the spacebar key and enjoy the classical game. If you love running games, you can play them offline on Google Chrome but if you want to play online you can find games similar to T-rex runner and can also be downloaded in the form of an application.

This game can also be played on smartphones especially on android phones.

Launched in 2014 :


This game was launched in September 2014 as a new version of Easter egg, to spend your time when you are offline without getting bored.

There were few peoples behind this game. These were Alab Bettes, Sebastien Gabriel, Edward Jung, and other UX chrome engineers. In 2014 they made a new concept of running games that never end.

Dinosaur Represents Ancient Times :

The idea of introducing the endless running game on an offline web page came into being in September 2014. The dinosaur represents the old times. And it is a sign of the ancient time that there is no internet system on earth.

It shows that dinosaur is running fast but it cant reach to the internet as the generation of dinosaur is of the oldest times.

Coding Done By Edward Jung :

This game was encoded by Edward Jung, in the start of the launch, he faced several issues regarding the compatibility of the systems. There was complete physics involved in the game especially while jumping.

Some old android version doesn’t support it properly and performance was not pretty good. But in 3 months after the launch, Edward Jung re-encoded the game. This coded game’s performance was excellent and everyone enjoyed it. This version was supported by all platforms.

This game becomes the most popular game in September, 2018. Nearly 270 million games were played monthly. This game is played on both laptops and smartphones. A big ratio of users is from countries where internet connectivity issue is common. Such as Indonesia, India, Mexico, Brazil, etc.

This game became much famous among the users of the internet, that business admins have to make deactivate this game, as students and employees in the company got addicted to this game.

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