The casings and casings for sausages have become strategic products for the manufacturer of sausages due to their safety and efficiency in their production processes. For this reason, in this ranking, we will show you some of the 10 suppliers of these products that stand out the most in the market today. So in this article, I will discuss the TOP 10 COMPANIES CASING FOR SAUSAGES.


Betexpack is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of artificial casings ready to use in the process of making different types of sausages. This company was inaugurated in 1992 and since then it has specialized in this sector to become a great reference. Its headquarters are in Alcobendas (Madrid). It is characterized by its eagerness to differentiate itself from other competitors and earn an image consistent with the quality and innovation of its products. They offer efficient solutions based on food safety and adapted to the particular needs of their customers.

On its website, you can see all the products it sells, a wide range of casings of different kinds and assortments. Among them: collagen casings, elastic meshes, cellulosic and fibrous casings, polyamide casings, textile and natural casings, shrink bags and films, etc. In addition to services for the manufacture of artificial casings, pleating or printing.


This company has its origin in 1987, so it has a lot of experience in the meat industry sector, a factor that has allowed it to become a highly prestigious company in this sector. Not only does it carry out its activity at the national level, but in addition to Spain, it also sells its products in France and Portugal.

It has three types of products available to its customers, of course, they offer the highest quality and guarantees to their buyers. Among the types of products for the production of sausages are natural casings, synthetic and Polyamide casings, and bags for vacuum packaging.


Triposona is a company located in Vilatorta that was founded in 1992 as a continuation of the activity of the Aymerich Isern brothers. This company is a specialist in the production and distribution of casings for sausages, salt, and other meat products. It has a wide range of products, among which the guts of different animals of the best quality stand out.

Its activity is divided into two sectors: one aimed at human consumption and the other dedicated to the production and marketing of products for the pharmaceutical industry and for pet food under the Qualillet brand name.

The objective of this company is to prepare products the way customers ask for them, the freshness of their products is very important so they have refrigerated transport service.


Emportrip SA is a company dedicated to the production, supply, and distribution of different types of casings for sausage. It is located in La Pera and was founded in 1980 by Joseph Maspoch Alabau, an expert in sewn pieces.

The specialty of this company is sewn casings and they stand out for supplying all kinds of natural casings, of pork, lamb, horse, or beef. They themselves are in charge of cutting the fresh casings according to the specific needs of their clients.

It is important to note that this company is very concerned about the quality and hygiene of its products, so they control the entire process from the slaughterhouse to its transformation. They are handcrafted and high-quality products.


It is a company for the production of viscera and casings for sausages located in the city of Zaragoza. These products come from widely produced slaughterhouses. It offers the customer a wide range of products, among which are: organ meats, lean meat, butter, and, of course, casings for the production of sausages.

They are also in charge of the packaging and freezing of products, to offer consumers quality products in perfect condition for consumption and use in other processes.


Agrimares is located in Barcelona ​​and is a certified company in the production and sale of casings for totally natural sausages. This company markets its products nationally and internationally.

It started its journey in this market in 1984 and since then its activity has been characterized by producing its products in the most traditional way. At present Agrimares has become present in several countries of the world.

Its product portfolio includes natural types of pork, beef, and lamb. In addition to other by-products of pork and beef. Its manufacturers guarantee the quality of their products, guaranteeing compliance with quality and food safety standards.


Viscofan is a leading meat casing company that is very prominent in the sector since it has the distribution of its products in more than 100 countries around the world. Its objective is to produce and distribute artificial sausages and casings for meat products.

Its product portfolio is very broad and offers categories of cellulose, collagen, fibers, and plastic.

For this company, it is very important to offer quality products for its customers and they also have to be sustainable with the environment that surrounds them. In order to advance in the fulfillment of its sustainability objectives, it has several Sustainable Development objectives (SDG). It also prepares a materiality analysis to identify the most relevant aspects that may influence stakeholder decisions.


Tripas Puente is a family business located in Toledo and founded more than 40 years ago by Don José Luis Puente Aliagas, an apprentice in this trade thanks to family tradition. This company offers national and international casing manufacturers the best quality casing for sausages. Its company policy is to maintain close contact with customers and also with the main producers.

They have casings for natural sausages that are classified into: pork, cow and lamb casings. These products are subject to quality controls and have properties such as permeability, which allows the correct curing of food.


Ecotrip is a company located in Granada and dedicated to the production and elaboration of casings for natural sausages from pork, lamb and beef. Its products are of high quality and always take into account the preferences and specifications of its customers.

They have a wide catalog of natural casings with different qualities and gauges that can be supplied in various ways, by boat, bag, or net.


Fibraco is a company specialized in this sector with more than 30 years of experience serving the food industry and especially meat. Its products are marketed both in the national market and in industries in other countries such as Latin America.

They are dedicated to supplying synthetic polyamide, collagen, and fibrous casings for fresh, smoked, cooked meat, dairy, and other products.

This company stands out for its customer-converting services. Their response speed is very fast, so they meet customer needs very efficiently and reduce waiting times for the flow of information.


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