Top 5 gambling cities in the world

Most people have an indifferent or negative attitude towards gambling. There is a perception that it is a negative habit, akin to addiction, which normal members of society should avoid. Is this really the case and what does this “normality” mean?


Quite often, influential people respect gambling and never waste an opportunity to go to a land-based or casinos online, play poker or try their luck on a slot machine. Such people, unlike the typical grey masses, live life with all the brightness. They don’t limit themselves to their daily routine, and apart from work and other ordinary things they have many interesting things to talk about.

Ranking of largest gambling cities


Every Poland casino is a place that attracts interesting, eccentric and unconventional people. A visit to a casino is a great way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Hollywood movie, try your hand at gambling or lose a lot of money – it all depends on the player’s luck. To give in to the excitement or not – it’s an individual matter. We have prepared a ranking of cities with the largest casinos that attract gamblers from all over the world.


  1. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The first association that comes to mind for most people when they hear the words “gambling games” and “casino” is Las Vegas. The heart of the entertainment industry that attracts millions of people, it is known around the world for its lavish parties, luxury hotels and elegant restaurants. It regularly hosts numerous concerts, shows and fashion shows that most of us only see on television. There are 80 major casinos in this city including Luxor, Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Paris.
  2. Macau, China. Gambling is officially illegal in China, but the country has two administrative areas with different laws. One is Hong Kong and the other is Macau, which is called Asia’s Las Vegas for a reason. There are 35 land-based live casinos in Macau, which is not a large number, but their scale and luxury is impressive. They are visited by crowds of tourists from all over the world, and according to statistics Macau casinos surpass Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos in terms of total revenue.
  3. Sydney, Australia. For many Europeans and Americans, a trip to Sydney seems unusual because it is too far away. However, the capital of Australia is certainly worth a visit as it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and boasts over 60 casinos. Of note are the Star Sydney Casino, The Darling and the Astral Tower Residence casinos. Some of these casinos have a VIP mobile casino version for regular and new gamblers.
  4. Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States. Atlantic City was literally built around gambling halls. The first legal casino in the United States opened right here on May 26, 1978 in the Clahfonte Haddon Hall. Today, Atlantic City is considered the second largest gambling center in the United States (after Las Vegas).
  5. Monte Carlo, Monaco. Monte Carlo is the cradle of European gambling entertainment. In a small town in a state in the south of France, some of the first casinos in the world appeared in the early 19th century. What could be better than visiting the iconic land-based casinos located on the Mediterranean coast.

Land-based casinos guarantee players a lot of excitement. The only downside is that they don’t offer starting bonuses. No deposit bonus can be obtained at virtual casinos after creating an account.

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