Top Android Games Provide Entertainment & Mental Stimulation

Playing games on your Android device can offer much more than mere entertainment. It can boost your reflexes and logical reasoning skills. It can provide the mental stimulation needed to sharpen your problem-solving skills, improve your memory and think logically. This guide will take you through top Android games that offer mental stimulation and entertainment.

Cube Solitaire

Solitaire Cube Android is a known game played by people of all ages. The game is time-based, and match sessions last between three and five minutes. Players compete against real-life opponents from across the globe. The ultimate objective is to score higher than the opponent.

There are some basic rules players need to follow to play this game. It is a card game where two decks of playing cards are typically used. For creating a finished build, you need to arrange the cards descendingly. Place the cards belonging to the same suit but in alternating colors to finish the build. Once you have completed the deck, you need to send it to the foundation pile to earn money.

The skill-based game requires players to take a tactical approach when playing this game. The tricky challenges can be overcome if you implement the right strategies. For instance, you must be careful when deciding the color of the king card. The next card must be the black queen if you place a red king on an empty tableau. So, the color of that specific column will be dictated by the king card you’ve chosen. Also, it is essential to note that not all decks are solvable. If you encounter an unwinnable deck, click the submit button and exit the game. You will get a time bonus.

Skillz – Logic Brain Games

Skillz is one of the go-to brain games on the Google Play Store. It is a free game that assesses players’ brains to augment their memory and brain power. Within the game, you will come across several brain exercises that will keep you engaged and entertained. The various tasks you must complete will help your brain think speedily and improve your reflexes.

If you play this game regularly, you will enhance your skills. The tasks are based on varied scientific findings, and you will get a new task daily.

Brain Dots

A popular game for Android devices is Brain Dots. It requires players to draw a path to connect two distinct balls. Playing this regularly will develop your brain cells and improve your concentration powers while writing or reading.

Brain Dots come with several levels, and as the level increases, the difficulty increases. You will get hints for free, but if you have used them all, you need to buy more hints by watching short ads or paying money. Hints will help you to take the next step if you find yourself stuck and unable to figure out how to join the dots.


Lumosity is one of the most popular games among Android users. It can be customized to help train your brain with various interactive puzzle games. The app will sharpen your problem-solving skills, and you can comprehend a great focus by training your brain. Invest ten minutes a day, and you will notice a difference.

Lumosity offers several tips to players to help enhance their speed, accuracy, and strategy. The app helps gamers expand their vocabulary and improve their reading skills. To level up your mental exercise, you can define the gameplay. Mindfulness drills can be attained through rational evidence, and you can augment your computation skills.

Besides offering mental stimulation, the app provides relaxation and can keep you occupied for hours. The games are specifically designed to be played within a short time so you can quickly finish a match no matter where you are.


Orixo is a game where players must decide on specific numbers to fill the given shapes and tables. The game comes with over 320 levels, and fun-filled puzzles await you at every stage. It will sharpen your mind, and the relaxing soundtrack will soothe your senses.

Within the game, your progress will be automatically saved so you can monitor your progress. It is a free game that you can play by installing it on your device.


Sudoku is a well-known activity, and you must have played it or heard about it. Typically, people would solve it in magazines and newspapers. Today, you can download and install it on your device. It is a simple logic game where you must find the right combination of numbers and fill the sections, columns, and rows. It is critical to use all the numbers in a specific range. The game is entertaining and helps to improve one’s mathematical skills.

You will find various Sudoku games when you go to the Play Store. You can go through the description and ratings to make your decision. You will find these games are available in classic and advanced levels. Some of them might even come with themed backgrounds. However, the rules remain the same. So, you can download any of the apps that appeal to you.

Final Thoughts

If you want to entertain yourself while giving your mind the required exercises, these games are perfect for your Android device. Install them and have a great time. These games can be played whenever and wherever you are. They can offer engagement while commuting to work or relaxing on your sofa.

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