Top Ten Places To Visit In The World

Top Ten Places To Visit In The World

The World is filled with beauty. This world is full of colors. There are many places which are rich in their beauty. There are some places which give you a glimpse of relaxation and refresh your mind. You might fall in love with these beautiful places at the first sight. So here learn about the Top Ten Places To Visit In The World.

It also helps to cure psychological patients. Some patients that are suffering from psychological issues or depression are recommended by experienced doctors to visit beautiful places and stay there for a week or more. This stay changes their life and provides a restful environment for them which is beneficial for health.

Today we are discussing the top ten places to visit in the world :

1.     Rome, Italy :

  • Rome is the capital of the country Italy. It is also known as Eternal City. It is also renowned as a present museum. There are many places which are famous for their beauty.
  • Rome has several fountains which amaze the visitors. And also there are 900 churches in Rome. There is a law that exists in Rome especially for cats to live anyplace irrespective of their born place. They have the freedom to live anywhere in Rome.

2.     Tokyo, Japan :

  • Tokyo is the capital of country Japan. One of the top reasons to visit Tokyo city is the famous street which is filled with neon signs. Tokyo is also renowned for its delicious foods. One of the famous and tasty dishes is Sushi.
  • Tokyo has the eldest transportation station which was the reason for the attraction of the tourists. It is also the backbone of the Japanese economy and secondly, it is a place to visit for tourists.
  • Whenever we talk about Tokyo, we should also discuss “Shibuya” and “Harajuku”, these places are the center of fashion. This a place where the young generation comes and new fashion takes place with time. This place is always rushed with peoples 24/7 regardless f any holiday or weekends.

3.     Phuket, Thailand :

  • Phuket is the southern province of country Thailand. Phuket is the most visited place in the world by visitors. Because it is affordable for every common man. It is not expensive to afford apartments for residence.
  • You can easily enjoy a tour trip in Phuket on a reasonable taxi rent. The boat ride also falls within the budget. The reason behind the majority of visitors in Phuket is that and everything is within the reach of every ordinary man. Visitors having a low budget rush towards places like Phuket.

4.     Dubai :

  • Dubai is the heart of gulf countries. It is one of the beautiful and most attractive place ever!. You can amaze yourself with beautiful malls enriched with the latest technology and facilities.
  • There are tall buildings and towers which astonishes everyone. It is renowned for its tallest tower known as “ Burj Khalifa”. Burj Khalifa is the tower that attracts most visitors to come to Dubai.
  • Tourism accelerated Dubai’s economy. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of Dubai.

5.     Sydney :

  • Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia. It is famous for its friendly climate. Its climate is sunny which is a very suitable climate for bathing at the beach. The sunshine at the beach gives a glimpse of the tourists to visit such a place.
  • Sydney Opera House is the main attractive place for visitors. Sydney Opera House is a place where the number of shows is arranged in a week, number of events, food, tours, drinks, etc, for everyone irrespective of the age group. There are events for children, young and adults.

6.     Paris :

  • Paris is the capital of France. Paris is one of the places to visit in the world. Its beauty attracts tourists to visit Paris. If we are visiting Paris then “Eiffel Tower” is at the top of the list to visit.
  • Paris is renowned all around the world for its Eiffel Tower. This a place where several tourists come to visit. Also, the Seine River is the most famous place in Paris. You can get a ride of full joy on a boat on the Seine River. And also the amazing fact is that this river is near to Eiffel Tower you can enjoy the sight of a tower while riding in a boat.

7.     Bora Bora :

  • Bora Bora is the smallest island in French Polynesia. Matira Beach is the busiest beach in Bora Bora. This beach is very famous among a large number of visitors. This beach became the largest accumulated beach for tourists.
  • Mount Otemanu is also one of the famous mountains in Bora Bora. At its peak there exist a volcano at the center of the island which makes it attractive for the tourists to rush towards it.

8.     Glacier National Park :

  • Glacier National Park is an American National Park. Which is located at the border of the United States and Canada. You can visit beautiful glaciers in the mountains. In the month, July and August a large number of visitors come here to visit.
  • In these two months, visitors rush towards it because the temperature is very moderate. Also, there are packed layers and rainy weather to amazing yourself mentally and physically.

9.     Maui

  • Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaiian. Which is located in the United States.
  • Hana Highway is the most attractive place in Maui to visit. This highway is the most adventurous road to visit. This attracts tourists who are interested in adventures.

10.Barcelona :

  • Barcelona is the city and capital of Spain. There is a seaport in Barcelona which attracts tourists to visit. It is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Spain.
  • Gothic Quarter is one of the oldest cities in Barcelona. You can enjoy the busy roads of the Gothic Quarter. You can find many amazing things in the Gothic Quarter. Numer of visitors come to visit it.
  • Magic Fountain gives a glimpse to the visitors to rush towards it.


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