When we talk about affiliate marketing we are talking about one of the types of digital marketing whose productivity is sustained by the results achieved and not by the number of impressions or clicks made, for which the advertiser does not offer any value. So in this article, I will discuss about WHAT IS AFFILIATION MARKETING.

Affiliates, that is websites that use this type of marketing carry out work in which they advertise to advertisers by publishing their offers, products, or other services. Whether these advertisers bloggers or companies dedicated to selling products.

The benefit is obtained when the user enters the affiliated website and an action previously decided between the affiliate and advertiser is carried out, this can be, clicking on a certain link, register by completing a form or buying the products on offer or without it that the advertiser has for sale.

A reciprocal benefit, advertiser, an affiliate

The advertiser receives income when the results and previously determined actions occur, so its job is to direct user traffic to the advertiser’s pages, products, or services. In this way, the advertiser only pays when these results are produced, which is beneficial for both parties.

One of the keys to this type of work is the community of users, being able to make the most of all kinds of strategies to gain their trust each time they enter your website, this is a very important point for this type of marketing.

For this, the objectives and achievements to be achieved must be clearly marked, as well as the communication medium and the type of audience to which the strategy is to be directed, as in any type of marketing.

Essential points to develop this type of marketing


To begin with, and as a key point is a connection between the products or services and the interest that the user has about them, for this you have to take into account what information you offer and write on the web, it has to be all related, on the contrary, it is more likely to be counterproductive.


As a second point, the best way to express opinions about the products you are trying to sell is to consume them and test their quality and usefulness in terms of price, thus being able to give a true and forceful opinion that will create confidence even in the most knowledgeable reader, not counting that you can show your own images of the product, certifying your proof of it.


In the third point, advertising products that offer solutions is usually the most successful to get sales. When someone tries to solve problems, they look for a way to do it through useful products, if you offer them, you will have practically won.


The fourth point, the simpler and more popular the product is, the easier it will be for you to write about it and you will be able to develop solid information that will attract more users, and it also makes your work easier when creating content for the same product. It would also be a great addition if these products had accessories that can be purchased separately, which would give you the opportunity to branch out and generate more links and related entries that can be very favorable.


In the fifth point, we have the link in the text, this link is much simpler than the typical banner that tries to take us to the product in a striking way. The best way to lead the customer to purchase the desired product is a simple direct link, simple and that simplifies the process, even if only visually. All this, logically, after convincing and persuading the user with the developed content.


And as the sixth and last essential point, be fully sincere when it comes to your benefit when taking the user to the product through your website, this will make you gain the trust of the reader, you simply take a commission if he buys through your links On the web, if your content is good and he knows this, he will continue to trust you.

After knowing all these essential points to develop websites dedicated to affiliate digital marketing, what is the best we can offer on our website? What are the most convenient products to promote? This is as simple as visiting the best-known e-commerce to see the list of the best-selling and most demanded products in recent years, months, weeks, or days, and, evaluating these tables, making a studied and considered choice since this decision can also decide the future and the success of your work in the affiliate marketing campaign that you are going to carry out.

Final words

We already know the basic points and strategies to carry out and develop an affiliate marketing website. Obviously, there are several types of this digital marketing that must be taken into account before starting, and each one will have its advantages and disadvantages, so if you want to start in this digital world, you must first continue studying and researching this field, and some others. , to do a good job, successful and productive, in addition to dedicating time and effort.


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