What services are from Google, history of Google Services provided by Google

What services are from Google, history of Google Services provided by Google

In this article, you will learn about what services are from Google? The history of Google
And Services provided by Google what topics I will cover are here:

2 Google Chrome, Google’s browser
3 Google+: The network that connects everything
4 YouTube, the video platform
5 Gmail, a great option to manage our mail
6 Android, the mobile operating system
7 Google Drive
8 Google Docs
9 Google Search Console and Analytics
10 Google Adwords
11 Google My Business


Google started as the brainchild of two amateur programmers, Larry Paige and Sergey Brin, who intended to create an efficient search engine for the Internet. This ended up being something more than a search engine since with the passage of time a multitude of services and accessory utilities were created.

When we ask anyone what Google is, they will surely tell us that it is simply a tool to search for content on the internet, but the truth is that today the Californian company groups services for all tastes and activities that occur to us.

With Google, we can manage our own email account, view thousands of videos uploaded by other users, store our documents in the cloud, know our location by geo-satellites, manage our online advertising, etc.

What differentiates Google from many of its competitors is that its offer, in addition to being incredibly varied, is completely free. This makes it a company capable of overshadowing the computer giant, Microsoft.

In just a few years, this company has managed to position itself as one of the benchmark service providers, if not the most important. All thanks to its incredible variety of applications, services, and platforms, both internal and external, which we will analyze below.

Google Chrome, the Google browser

Google Chrome is a closed source or proprietary software web browser developed by Google, albeit derived from open source projects. It is the browser that Google offers its users completely free of charge.

Currently, Chrome is available on virtually all operating systems, both for desktop and mobile devices. Its fluidity, its simplicity, and its optimization for all Google services make it currently the most used operating system in the world.

The primary goals in designing the browser were to improve the security, speed, and stability that existing browsers offered. Important changes were also made to the user interface. Chrome was assembled from 26 different code libraries from Google and others from third parties such as Netscape.

Google Chrome stands out for its great speed. Likewise, it offers an incognito browsing mode, so that our activity on the network is not detected and is not reflected in the history.

It is one of the browsers with the most variety of options, with the largest number of interactive applications, and with a higher quality operating system performance. Undoubtedly one of the jewels in the crown of Google, which allows it to continue to reign in the world of technology and information.

Google+: The network that connects everything

In June 2011, Google launched its own social network, under the name Google+. The purpose of this network was to unify all the services offered by the company, associating them with our identity as users.

First of all, any Google user who wants to use services as diverse as Maps, YouTube, Hangouts or Drive, must first create an account. Luckily, this option is completely free and in no case will it entail any type of cost.

Creating an account on Google+ is very simple. We will simply have to enter our personal information, an email that will be created to be associated with the account and a password. Of course Google is responsible for protecting our information and keeping it confidential.

In addition to unifying these services, Google+ is itself a social network such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It offers direct and intuitive communication between all users of the platform, and gives us the possibility of creating our own circles of friends.

With Google+ we can share our thoughts and concerns with our closest friends and acquaintances, as well as post images of our moments. In the same way, we can interact with other social services such as YouTube, always with the same identity.

YouTube, the video platform

In February 2005, YouTube was born, a platform created by two friends from the university with the aim of uploading their own videos so that their classmates could see them. This idea germinated and grew rapidly on the Internet and has ended up becoming the giant and undisputed king of online videos.

Just a year later, Google had the brilliant idea to buy YouTube for $ 1.3 billion. This purchase was a huge overestimation of the real value of the company at that time, in addition to an estimate of the potential profits that would be obtained by buying this platform.

The reality is that, years later, YouTube is the reference for anyone who wants to share their videos on the net. It currently has more than 1 billion users and thousands of hours of audiovisual content are uploaded to the network daily.

Gmail, a great option to manage our mail

Gmail is a mail service with POP3 and IMAP capabilities developed by the Google company. It began to be a reality in mid-2004 and has now surpassed Outlook as the most used email service in the world.

Its simple and intuitive interface, its technological innovations, its enormous capacity to store and archive emails, and its complete optimization and adaptation to the rest of Google services stand out.

Currently, a storage capacity of 15 GB is offered. Storage capacity increased due to the launch of Google Drive, although the space available for use with Drive, Google+ and Gmail was later unified.

This service stood out, among other things, for using a simple and advanced text message search system, such as changing the language, setting a holiday notice, similar to that of the Google web search engine, which was the origin of its slogan «Search, do not order ». In addition, it provides a message labeling mechanism, which extends the possibilities of traditional folders.

Android, the mobile operating system

Android is a Linux-based operating system created in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2008. This operating system is designed and optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and is currently the most used mobile operating system in the world.

With Android, we can enjoy all the customization options that only a Linux-based system can offer us. The operating system masterfully adapts to the device in which it is being used, so the Android of one terminal will not be the same as that of another from another brand.

Android has had as its main competitors over the years iOS and Windows Phone. However, in a very simple way, it has won this competition by being the system with the largest number of users thanks to the enormous number of applications that we can enjoy.

Android uses the PlayStore application market, which allows both the development of Google’s own applications and those designed directly by external companies. Most of the applications in the PlayStore are free, although there are also many paid ones.

Google drive

Google Drive is an online file storage service offered by Google since 2012. It allows users registered in Google+ to be able to exchange files from anywhere through their devices.

In the same way, it allows us to make changes in real-time to these files. Google Drive is a fantastic tool for students, workgroups, and companies, due to its agility and ease of exchange through the network.

Google Docs

Google Docs is the service that Google offers its users to create and edit documents online. It contains the tools for a word processor, presentation editor, spreadsheet maker, etc.

Google Docs is a fantastic alternative to the usual office automation packages, making great competition to Microsoft, Open Office, etc. With its intuitive design and complete tools, we can enjoy an optimal and totally free tool.

Google Search Console and Analytics

Google Search Console and Analytics allow us to measure the performance and search traffic of our website, measuring when we have the greatest influence and giving us clues on how to improve our page.

Search Console and Analytics are some of Google’s most useful tools for companies, and they are currently positioned as a fantastic option for anyone who wants to have professional monitoring of their activity on the network.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a service and a program of the Google company that is used to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers. It was created in 2000 and since then it has been a reference in advertising positioning worldwide.

Sponsored Google Adwords ads to appear on the results page (SERP) alongside natural or organic search results. Up to 4 ads are displayed at the top and up to 3 at the bottom of the page, they differ from organic results because they include the legend “Ad” in green next to the visible URL.

Google My Business

This tool created by Google in June 2014, and from this moment on it is a totally free option to manage the image we give to the world as entrepreneurs and optimize it as much as possible.

Google My Business provides us with the tools to update our file and interact with customers from our phone, tablet, or computer totally free

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