What will save companies in Covid-19: E-commerce and Digital Marketing

What will save companies in Covid-19: E-commerce and Digital Marketing


In the current situation in which society finds itself, and the economy in general, it is a bit uncertain, because after the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused a state of alarm and confinement in general, more than anything in the countries where the rates of infected have been higher. So What will save companies in Covid-19: E-commerce and Digital Marketing. This leads to the conclusion that all the people who respect the confinement, automatically go to carry out many more procedures from home, through the internet, see purchases online, which have increased a lot since the health crisis began, and It should be noted that both how consumers have increased, now having new buyers who had never bought before through the web, how the demand for buying food products online has also grown,

For this reason, we come to the conclusion that, at this point, digital marketing and e-commerce are of the utmost importance so that companies do not stagnate and can move forward and adapt to the “new reality” that awaits us all, In addition, this will help to face the economic and business crisis due to Covid-19.

Google searches for Coronavirus have far exceeded searches for other global crises that have occurred before.

According to the most searched search terms analysis tool, Covid-19 exceeds five times the interest worldwide, compared to other diseases, in addition to the fact that Google currently highlights the great concern of users, for the search for symptoms that refer to the coronavirus, and more specifically the concerns they have when searching for the terms “masks”, “respirators” or “hand sanitizer”.

What is the sector most affected by the Coronavirus crisis?

The most affected sector is tourism, clearly due to the expansion of the pandemic worldwide, and that destinations are no longer completely safe, due to the high flow of people at airports and the high traffic of flights, all this more The sum of the fact that tourist spots can become a major source of contagion, all this generates great insecurity in future travelers, so it is the most normal thing in the world that now they feel a certain distrust when it turns to the “new normal” ”.

The World Travel and Tourism Council made up of members of this global business community and working together with the governments of all countries in the world, which ensures that the recovery time from a crisis of this level will be around 19 months.

Bookings and search trends have plummeted in just a couple of weeks, leading to sudden hotel closures, causing uncertainty of when it will be possible to return to normal.

Likewise, the UNWTO (world tourism organization), has recommended that, after the state of emergency passes, the most reasonable thing to do is to promote and promote travel within the country itself, also attracting European audiences. Above all and very important for the tourism sector is to adapt to new needs, changing policies and allowing cancellations and changes in reservations.

How can Digital Marketing help companies? 

With e-commerce, it can be verified that the answer to this is in the digital environment because the most sensible thing is that if the population begins forced confinement, its movements will begin to be carried out online, in a more comfortable way, on this side, consumer behavior will be quite predictable.

The case of Amazon, or eBay, has already been seen, in these platforms, the consumption of food products has increased and also purchases of well-being and physical care, which have not stopped having home deliveries.

Even in a time of crisis, the most important thing is to be able to move forward with the company or brand that may be in trouble, for this a very useful alternative is to retain customers, show them that they are having contact with a reliable company to which you it matters what situation your client may be going through. And with this action, which clearly in many cases can cause economic losses, we can get a client to become loyal to the brand, if they are provided with facilities to solve their problems that may arise between the company and themselves.

It is important to maintain a message of trust and be flexible and take into account the exceptional situation of the situation and readjust company policies if necessary.

It is a critical moment in which, if the client is helped in any way, they can be grateful and loyal indefinitely.

You have to renew and reinvent yourself:

Now more than in other times, the answer to a possible economic advance for companies is in Digital Marketing, in which you must continue to invest time and recycle any resource that may be useful in these times to be able to forge a good relationship with the client, in addition to reinventing the policies that have been carried out previously. Also how to contribute and make use of online resources so that the company does not stop working and does not stagnate.

Final words on What will save companies in Covid-19

I hope you understand better about What will save companies in Covid-19: E-commerce and Digital Marketing? if you still have any questions in your mind feel free to ask in the comment section. We will answer your question about this What will save companies in Covid-19.


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