When did we start counting years

When did we start counting years

When did we start counting years

The question is when did we start counting years ? Many years ago there was no system of dates, months and years. People were not aware of the dates and months at that time.

First of all calendars was introduced by Julian Caesar’s in his ruling time. He gave those calendars the name Julian calendar. At that time measurement of time was start and people had awareness about day, night and they measure their time by days and nights.

Julian calendars had some faults in it but later in 1582, Pope Georgy finally introduced some changings in the Julian calendars. People of that time use Julian calendars.

The calendars are introduced by the Christians in early middle age when they think about when to celebrate ester? In A.D. 325 it was decided by the first council of Nicaea that after watching full moon the ester comes on Sunday.

In early ages the years are measured by moon and this system is named as computes which comes from the Latin language and is known as ester table.These days new calendars are introduced with the concept of A.D and B.C.

When did we start counting years
When did we start counting years

History of calendars

Calendars are the good source of representing years, months and days. But it is essential to know about the history of calenders.in about A.d 325, a problem arise that when to celebrate ester? To solve this problem the first counsel of Nicaea decided that Ester is celebrated on Sunday, after watching the full moon.

This system was named as computes comes from Latin word computation and it is also known as Ester table. In early Middle Ages the years and important days are calculated by watching the figure of moon.

A.D system was introduced by a monk known as Dionysius Exiguous from Scythia Minors in A.D 525. This system was later found in 2002 by a history instructor of Vrije universities Brussels. He used early time books and writings to find out these systems such as Clement of Alexandria.

The terms B.C come after Dionysius. It was introduced when a person from North Umbria named as Venerable Bede released his book known as Ecclesiastic History of English people.

He released his writing in early 731. This system gain the interest of people and people considered this system easy and affectionate.

Concept of B.C and A.D in calendars

These two terms is from Christian era an English Christians introduced these two terms.

A.D means Anno Domini comes from the Latin language which means (in the year of the lord), and it is introduced with the birth of Jesus Christ.  B.C meansbefore Christ.

These two terms are used in the world for meaning time and for making calendar.

The term A.D used for the years which comes after the birth of Jesus Christ and the term B.C is used for the years that comes before the birth of Christ.

Implementation of A.D and B.C terms in calendars

This system was implemented in nineteenth century, when roman Emperor Charlemagne introduced this system for dating acts in his government in all over the Europe.

After implementation of this system in Europe, the system gets more popularity throughout the world.

In fifteenth century, A.D and B.C system was implemented in Western Europe.

In sixteenth century Georgian calendars was introduced in which A.D and B.C terms was used.

International Organization for Standardization, in 1988 introduced this system world widely and this system is implemented in the whole world for representation of dates and times.

Concept of C.E and B.C.E

Most of publication companies use the term of C.E and B.C.E, C.E means Common Era and B.C.E means as before common years.

These two terms are used for non-Christians. In 1715 before the Common Era (B.C.E) and Common Era (C.A) were introduced to represent time and date.

These terms are mentioned in an astronomy book. That era was also known as vulgar era.  The term vulgar era is first mentioned or used by Johannes Kepler in 1615. He used this term in his book.

Now C.E and B.C.E. are the terms used in calendars because some scholars said that Christ was born few years before 1. A.D they believe that the Anno-Domini system is not correct. So, they refer C.E and B.C.E system rather than Anno-Domini.

The final note on when did we start counting years

At the end of this article, I hope you understand better about this topic When did we start counting years. What I have covered in this article When did we start counting years complete details on History of calendars, Concept of B.C and A.D in calendars, Concept of C.E and B.C.E When did we start counting years, if you still have questions in your mind feel free to ask me in the comment section. Thanks for reading 🙂

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