This will be the fashion of 2021: trends new ways of consuming 

This will be the fashion of 2021: trends new ways of consuming

During 2020 we have seen a sudden change of direction in our way of dressing, adapting our style to long telework days and virtual meetings with comfortable and functional clothes. Our dressing room has adapted to the demands and in recent months we have given preference to the most practical pieces of our wardrobe that we have been mixing with basic and sporty accessories. All we really want to return to normal also in our outfits and return to the style and elegance that have left us cornered during the months of the pandemic and fashion … we will not disappoint with the trends that we have booked for 2021.

Today we are going to predict the currents that will set the fashion compass for the next twelve months. We will begin by analyzing the trends that the large firms have prepared and that we will soon begin to see available in stores and where there are two main trends, on the one hand, inspiration in the country world and on the other the recovery of the glamor of red carpets.

We will also see the new business models that began to accelerate with the pandemic, which will be confirmed throughout 2021 and which represent a change for both brands and customers in the way they consume fashion. And we do not forget to entrust you with the colors that have been chosen as favorites to dye this year!

‘Cottagecore’: a reunion with nature

You have to start getting used to using the term ” cottagecore ” because it is one of the trends that is going to mark this new year. To which it refers? It is about the style of rural life, a bucolic fashion that embraces living in the country and recovers that country and cozy image.

Get ready to be inspired by everything that has to do with life in nature from a most romantic and idealized point of view. The prints are filled with delicate flowers and the gingham squares regain their power recalling the famous picnic tablecloths. Fabrics also take center stage and natural materials, such as linens or cotton, and everything that has to do with hand sewing and handicrafts is once again vindicated.

Kanye West Merchandise

If you want a quick cottagecore class, we invite you to check out the fashion show by designer Jacquemus who decided to move the runway to a wheat field to present his new collection starring pastel colors, floral prints, fresh fabrics, and country hats.

It will not be necessary to resort to haute couture to dress in fashion, brands like C&A will also propose to us to get closer to nature and incorporate it into our new way of life in which we spend more time at home, telework or travel in a very different way. In addition to the mix between nature and comfort as the central axis of its new collections, the brand has a firm mission: to make sustainability it is new normal with recycled materials, responsibly sourced organic fabrics, and sustainably grown linen in Europe.

Back to pre-covid glamor

Not everything will be inspired by country life, new airs also arrive in which women reclaim their most feminine image thanks to sophisticated evening dresses and fabulous jacket suits. We rescue those most luxurious and striking garments that have been hanging on their hangers for so many months to recover the joy and desire to dress in a sophisticated way.

Aware of the new economic reality, the firms propose this style of special but durable garments because the customer is expected to seek quality more than ever. “The euphoria of consuming is going to disappear,” says Jorge Vázquez, current creative director of Pertegaz, which is why the firm opts for garments with flirty volumes, bright embroidery, and large bows.

If we take a look at the international proposals we will see that the great luxury brands also drink from these luxurious inspirations. Dior opts for elegant ensembles with androgynous airs with a bohemian touch that successfully mixes classic elegance with newly launched functionality. This style translates to baggy pants or sets of kimono-style wrap jackets with midi skirts.

Meanwhile, Chanel uses white, black, and pink to recover the aesthetics of the eighties with sophisticated garments, while wearable, where the mythical shoulders rescue Oversize that marked the decade as well as blazers in tweed who are the hallmark of the French Maison. The Chanel woman will go to work flawlessly wearing straight above-the-knee skirts, tailored suits, flowy dresses, and high-waisted pirate pants.

The eighties are also claimed by other firms such as Isabel Marant or Balmain with a more luxurious revision of the decade where sequins, bell-bottoms, jumpsuits, and disco aesthetics once again occupy an important space among trends.

For the night, you should be thinking about asymmetrical dresses with feminine details such as bows and transparencies and night-air jacket suits. So much zest for social life will translate into cheeky flaunting for quirky fabrics and embellishments like sequins, feathers, or capes.

Changes in the fashion business

During 2020 fashion has been one of the sectors that have suffered the most from the crisis, but it has also shown its speed to reinvent itself and adapt to the new times. The reduction of our social relationships to a minimum has resulted in a sales disaster. “You use fashion to socialize and it is getting more and more difficult,” Custo Dalmau told Efe, although he added that despite the change in our way of living, “a good product will continue to have a future.”

Brands have already embraced sustainable awareness and digitization

Companies have transformed the way they workFashion shows have been replaced by fashion films, brands have already fully embraced a sustainable consciousness and digitization has become indispensable for survival.

Another change that will be confirmed throughout the year is the commitment to emerging markets, such as Asia or South America, to compensate for the drop in sales at the usual points of sale, although a rapid global recovery is expected. So hope you will understand this will be the fashion of 2021, trends new ways of consuming This will be the fashion of 2021: trends new ways of consuming


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