Necessary material to practice boxing at home

Necessary material to practice boxing at home

When we start doing sports at home, it is not usual for us to have material or any type of equipment. We started with some YouTube videos to see how things look. As sport gets us hooked, we want to improve our conditions for exercising: good shoes, leggings, a sports bra … Then we ask ourselves, what if I buy some material to exercise at home? And there we go to the Decathlon for a mat and some dumbbells. So Necessary material to practice boxing at home

Or perhaps the process is the other way around, we decide that we want and have to exercise and we buy directly some device to do sports at home: an exercise bike, an elliptical, a treadmill …

Anyway, it is not strictly necessary to have sports equipment at home, but it is more comfortable and motivates us more. It is not the same to do some sit-ups on the cold and hard tiles of the floor than on a padded mat.

When you start boxing, the same thing happens. There are a lot of videos that will show you boxing exercises and techniques for which no material is needed but, the more we get into the world, the more we see other boxers … we also want to get some material of our own. the discipline that we are passionate about. What if I look for boxing gloves? What if I hang a punching bag in the garage?

In this section we are going to get you the bug with some materials to train boxing at home.

Elastic bandages: protect your hands

What you need to box at home
There are bandages of different materials. 

Whether you practice with another person, with a punching bag or without equipment, it is recommended that you protect your hands. The bandages help you keep your hands stronger and that the blows do not easily damage your joints.

We recommend that when you do boxing exercises you put some elastic bandages on your hands. They are a very cheap material, for € 10 you can get some.

Boxing gloves: maximum protection : Necessary material to practice boxing at home

If you are going to practice boxing at home “fighting” with another person, it is best to put on boxing gloves. Similarly, if you are going to hit the punching bag hard it is highly recommended as well.

Sparring mitts : Necessary material to practice boxing at home

If some of the people you live with also like boxing or you can see a friend or gym partner (as long as restrictions allow), do not hesitate to get a pair of mitts. They will make the training much more dynamic . In addition, sometimes you can be a striker and others as a striker, so you also alternate moments of activity and rest.

Jump rope: the best cardio

How to learn boxing at home
It is claimed that ten minutes skipping is about half an hour jogging.

Before starting to hit, you have to warm up the engines, so it is advisable to do a little cardio. In addition, a good boxer is not only one who has good technique, but also physical stamina, for which cardio sessions are essential.

If you don’t have a treadmill, a bike, or an elliptical, don’t worry! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do cardio at home. All it takes is a jump rope, a jump rope.

Pears and punching bags at home: a potential boxer

When we are already hooked on this sport, the body will ask us to equip ourselves with specific material to be able to hit. We have two options: a punching bag or a punching pear. If you have enough space, you will surely opt for the first and if you live in a smaller place, you will settle for the second.

Another reason is also the money: you can find boxing pears for around € 30 but punching bags will hardly fall below € 100.

And on the feet? The boxer sneakers

Today each sport has its own footwear. Before, sneakers were used to practice all sports, but in recent decades, footwear has been designed specifically adapted for each discipline.

Google boxing shoes to find out what we are talking about. They are a kind of half-round boots that are characterized by being light. The material used on the surface is fabric, so that the foot breathes, and the sole is EVA foam, which provides comfort when we step on it.

For any boxing material, the Everlast brand is the most famous in the boxing world.

Other materials

There is a product that we have found that we do not know if it is very effective, but we have found it fun.

It is a ribbon that we put around the head at the height of the forehead. A string hangs from the ribbon and at the end of the string there is a plastic ball. You have to continuously try to hit the ball. It is used to train reflexes.

Do you know the typical shovel with a tied ball to play on the beach? Well, it’s the same principle.

What materials are needed in a boxing class
What do you think of this creation? Photo from the website

Techniques and exercises for beginner boxers

Gyms are closed or you don’t have resources but you want to start boxing. Solution? Practice at home. Hopefully neither the first nor the second scenario lasts long, but while it lasts, here are some boxing exercises and techniques for beginners who practice this sport at home.

In boxing there are four basic punches: jab, cross, uppercut, and crochet.


The cross, also called direct or right,  is a powerful blow that is executed with the right. Attention! It is not only about how to strike with the arm, but it is a movement for which the whole body must be correctly positioned.

The right leg takes a step back, on which we have our weight. Once we start the movement and begin to stretch the arm, what we do is transfer the weight that we had on the right leg to the arm. At the end of the blow, with the arm stretched out, we will have shifted the weight to the front leg and the foot of the back leg will be practically on tiptoe.


Also known as straight left , the jab is a movement in which we punch with the left hand, extending the elbow quickly parallel to the ground, and quickly return to the starting position. A seen and not seen.

The arm strike is accompanied by a hip rotation to give more force to the strike.


It is a “side” blow that goes directly to the opponent’s head. It is a strong blow but slower than those previously described. Instead of gluing from the front, we glue from the side.

If you’re going to practice this punch with someone else, put on boxing helmets! Even if we do it slowly, we can get out of hand very easily and harm our partner.

There is also low crochet , which is that crochet movement that instead of going to the opponent’s head, goes to the lower torso, specifically to the kidneys. To do it correctly, you have to bend your knees.

Learn to box at home
Blow crochet. Photo by Yan Krukov.


The uppercut or upper  is a damaging movement and impresses much to see him. The boxer directs his hand and arm vertically towards the opponent’s jaw.

Before performing the movement we must bend the knees and stretch them as we move the arm. Our mouth hurts just imagining the blow.

And, of course, remember that the non-striking hand is always on guard. Nothing to leave her relaxed resting. When we box our whole body is in tension and ready to act.

It is recommended that the hand that does not hit is protected against the face, at the level of the chin.

Did you already know these four basic boxing movements ? Surely when reading the descriptions you have immediately realized what movements we were referring to, but perhaps you did not know the name.

On the other hand, it is strongly discouraged that you start practicing these movements without warming up or stretching beforehand. This is a rule of thumb applicable to virtually any sport. And at the end of the training session the same and without forgetting any part of the body: you have to stretch from the tips of the toes to the tips of the fingers. Relax your back, unload your shoulders, and move your neck.

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